» 15: Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Rugby Bu Manga   

15: Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Rugby Bu Manga by Yoshiki Naruse

Alternative Title:Fifteen: Meisetsu Industrial High School Rugby Football Club
Categories:School Life, Shounen, Sports
Info:4 Volumes, 17 Chapters, 699 Pages
Manga scans by:acme, Bakana Haven
Series Brief Review
Ever since he was little, Akira wanted to be a rugby player. But since he lived on a tiny island with no other children, it was very difficult for him to learn how to play. In hopes of becoming useful to a rugby team, he practiced the one thing he could do by himself, kicking. Now Akira is heading to high school, and he's going to try to make his dreams of playing rugby and having friends come true!
Thanks Bakana Haven and acme

Volume 1. Oneshots

15: Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Rugby Bu Manga » Volume 1. Oneshots
  1. Oneshot 1
  2. Oneshot 2

Volume 2

15: Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Rugby Bu Manga » Volume 2
  1. Ujigawa Akira
  2. Encounter
  3. Three Operations
  4. Magic

Volume 3

15: Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Rugby Bu Manga » Volume 3
  1. Friends
  2. Takase Foundation High
  3. Extra Story
  4. The Weak and the Strong
  5. The Match Is About To Begin!
  6. Public Execution

Volume 4

15: Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Rugby Bu Manga » Volume 4
  1. What I Can Do For Everyone
  2. Dejected Losers
  3. Team Naruse Yoshiki
  4. Tokyo
  5. The Most Important Thing To Me

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