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Anastasia Club Manga by Chiho Saito

Alternative Title:Anastasia Kurabu
Categories:Drama, Historical, Josei, Mystery, Romance
Info:4 Volumes, 16 Chapters, 764 Pages
Manga scans by:Selene-Scans, Shoujo Manga Maniac
Series Brief Review
Tsubaki Kamui is the granddaughter of a noted antiquarian. One day a mysterious man named Sena Takuto comes into her shop. He is trying to find proof that he is indeed the grandson of the last surviving member of the Russian Empire, Anastasia, the daughter of Tzar Nicholas II. Takuto wants Kamui's grandfather to appraise an item for him, to prove his identity, yet at the same time an item which was important to Anastasia was recently stolen, complicating the search for the truth.

Volume 1

Anastasia Club Manga » Volume 1
  1. Lot.1
  2. Lot.2
  3. Lot.3
  4. Lot.4

Volume 2

Anastasia Club Manga » Volume 2
  1. Lot.5
  2. Lot.6
  3. Lot.7
  4. Lot.8

Volume 3

Anastasia Club Manga » Volume 3
  1. Lot.9
  2. Lot.10
  3. Lot.11
  4. Lot.12

Volume 4

Anastasia Club Manga » Volume 4
  1. Lot.13
  2. Lot.14
  3. Lot.15
  4. Lot.16

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