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Aterui II-sei Manga by Katsuhiko Takahashi, Tetsuo Hara

Alternative Title:Aterui The Second
Categories:Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen, Supernatural
Info:1 Volumes, 6 Chapters, 220 Pages
Manga scans by:Hokuto no Gun
Series Brief Review
This brief story follows the reincarnation of the Emishi warrior Aterui, who turns out to be a guardian deity protecting the mysterious power source called the Dragon from the gods of destruction, into the body of mild-mannered archaeologist and professor, Kogami Ryuichi. This short volume is packed with action, violence, and even political satire.

Volume 1

Aterui II-sei Manga » Volume 1
  1. Legend 1: The Reincarnation Of Aterui
  2. Legend 2: The 1200 Year Destiny
  3. Legend 3: The Return Of Tamuramaro
  4. Legend 4: The Dragon Awakens
  5. Legend 5: Farewell, Dragon
  6. Special Feature: When The Augite Burns

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