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Boku No Marie Manga by Sakura Takeuchi

Alternative Title:My Dear Marie, Metal Angel Marie
Categories:Comedy, Ecchi, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction, Seinen
Info:2 Volumes, 13 Chapters, 254 Pages
Manga scans by:MangaProject
Series Brief Review
Karigari Hiroshi is a total robotics geek/genius who really likes this one girl, Marie. He's too shy to ask her out, so he becomes obsessed with creating a perfect android copy of Marie. He succeeds perfectly in creating Marie, an android with the intelligence and heart/emotions of a human and who looks just like Mari (though with different colored hair). Of course, Karigari never really considered the implications of such a thing...

Volume 1

Boku No Marie Manga » Volume 1
  1. Act 1: Marie's Birth
  2. Act 2: Twins!?
  3. Act 3: Tennis Match Climax!!
  4. Act 4: Marie's Temptation!?
  5. Act 5: Marie packed together!?
  6. Act 6: Mysterious Savior!?
  7. Act 7: Power-up Marie!!
  8. Act 8: Don't Burst Out!!
  9. Act 9: Karigari Stands Firm!!
  10. Act 10: Karasawa runs wild!!
  11. Act 11: Over Powered
  12. Act 12: True Love is...!?

Volume 2

Boku No Marie Manga » Volume 2
  1. Act 13: Marie-chan's Big Adventure!!

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