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Buriki no Kanzume Manga by Sachi Minami

Categories:Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Info:1 Volumes, 5 Chapters, 191 Pages
Manga scans by:Ochibichan
Series Brief Review
Oukawa Nabiki is an energetic and cheerful girl who dreams to become a stuffed toy maker. Ever since she joined Kousei High's Crafting Club, with Fukamachi Itsuru, a boy who dreams to become a silverwork designer, both of them work hard together to become professionals! But due to the fact that Nabiki has to attend extra lessons, she's not allowed to do any club activity for a week?!

Volume 1

Buriki no Kanzume Manga » Volume 1
  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Chapter 4
  5. Chapter 5

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