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Busou Renkin Manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki

Alternative Title:Armored Alchemist, Arms Alchemy, Buso Renkin, Embalming - Dead Body and Bride
Categories:Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, School Life, Sci-fi, Shounen, Supernatural
Info:5 Volumes, 39 Chapters, 862 Pages
Manga scans by:BWYS, Mahou-X, Manga-Otakus, FrankyHouse, Illuminati-Manga...
Series Brief Review
Kazuki Mutou is mortally wounded saving a girl from a strange monster, but is given a new life through the power of the alchemically-made Core Iron. Along with a second chance, this grants him the ability to use his own Busou Renkin, or Alchemy Weapon. Joining forces with Tokiko, the Busou Renkin user he'd saved earlier and who gave him the Core Iron, he uses his newfound powers to fight the malevolent Homunculus monsters and protect his friends and the rest of mankind.

Volume 1

Busou Renkin Manga » Volume 1
  1. A New Life
  2. Homunculus And ... Midnight Run
  3. The Humonculus Revealance
  4. The Humonculus Parasite
  5. VS Kazui - First Part
  6. VS Kazui - Last Part
  7. You have become a little stronger

Volume 2. Fade To Black

Busou Renkin Manga » Volume 2. Fade To Black
  1. Lock On
  2. Another New Life
  3. Vs Washio First Part
  4. Vs Washio Second Part1
  5. Vs Washio Second Part2
  6. Vs Washio Sequel
  7. Midnight Run 2
  8. The Darker, the Hotter, The Sweeter
  9. The Butterfly of Death
  10. Fade to Black

Volume 3. If You Have Doubts Abouts Yourself

Busou Renkin Manga » Volume 3. If You Have Doubts Abouts Yourself
  1. If You Have Doubts Abouts Yourself
  2. Kazuki and Tokiko's Decision (I)
  3. Kazuki and Tokiko's Decision (II)
  4. Kazuki and Tokiko's Decision (III)
  5. A Night in the Dorms
  6. Warrior Tokiko
  7. All the Enemies Must
  8. The Hayasaka Siblings
  9. Training Day

Volume 4. Carnival

Busou Renkin Manga » Volume 4. Carnival
  1. Survival
  2. Beginnings of Maturity
  3. Getting Along
  4. Close Battle
  5. Disciples
  6. World of the Hayasaka Siblings
  7. Don't Give Up!
  8. Lets All Go For Hospital Visit
  9. Operation Begin After 13 Hours
  10. Carnival

Volume 5

Busou Renkin Manga » Volume 5
  1. Items of the Same Type
  2. A Friend of Everybody
  3. The Power Gushing Out

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