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Butsu Zone Manga by Hiroyuki Takei

Categories:Adventure, Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural
Info:4 Volumes, 22 Chapters, 566 Pages
Manga scans by:Akatsuki-Manga, MangaCity, Mankin-Trad
Series Brief Review
Of Shaman King fame, here's another series by Hiroyuki Takei about a buddha with the 1,000 arms armor. Sennju, an emissary of the buddha Kannon, appears in the human world to find and protect the reincarnation of the buddha Mirokou. The emissary arrives on Earth just in time to save a young girl from being bullied by some rough looking men. Just who is this girl and will she believe that he's a buddha who was sent by Kannon?

Volume 1

Butsu Zone Manga » Volume 1
  1. Butsu 1: When You Pray to a Buddha Statue, You're Calling on a Real Hero!!
  2. Butsu 2: The Enemy of Buddha: His Name is Mara
  3. Butsu 3: Rice Balls
  4. Butsu 4: Koma the Dog
  5. Butsu 5: Seven

Volume 2

Butsu Zone Manga » Volume 2
  1. Butsu 6: Battle of Desire on the Japanese Seas
  2. Butsu 7: Benevolence and Hatred
  3. Butsu 8: Thanks...
  4. Butsu 9: A New Journey
  5. Butsu 10: The One Who Dominates His Passions
  6. Butsu 11: Strong Feelings, a Genuine Love
  7. Butsu 12: Anna
  8. Bonus: Death Zero

Volume 3

Butsu Zone Manga » Volume 3
  1. Butsu 13: Anna, the Priestess Who Calls Upon Spirits
  2. Butsu 14: Junkei, the Carver
  3. Butsu 15: Decisive Fight
  4. Butsu 16: A Dangerous Bodhisattva
  5. Butsu 17: Bato... Defeated
  6. Butsu 18: Jizo... All Fleeting Things in This World
  7. Last Butsu: The Future
  8. Bonus: Anna, Itako Priestess

Volume 4. Bonuses

Butsu Zone Manga » Volume 4. Bonuses
  1. Bonus 1: 11.8 Pilot

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