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Bye Bye, Papa Manga by Shin Takahashi

Alternative Title:Sayonara, Papa
Categories:Drama, Mature, Romance, Seinen
Info:1 Volumes, 6 Chapters, 240 Pages
Manga scans by:AnimeWaves
Series Brief Review
In kindergarten, naive Mitsuko began to think of Yoshioto, who was staying at her house, as her papa. And she vowed that she would be Yoshioto's bride when she grew up. Can this dream be fulfilled? In the journey to see him, she slowly understands her own feelings and her heart that refuses to mature, but nonetheless thinks she's already mature. In her search, they gradually melt into one.

Volume 1

Bye Bye, Papa Manga » Volume 1
  1. Goodbye Papa ~ A 14-year-old's Journey
  2. Goodbye Papa ~ Saying Goodbye to Naivety of 14 Years Old
  3. Matchmaking Dinner
  4. Frederick
  5. Playing with Yuki-chan!
  6. Sayonara, Papa

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