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Chameleon Jail Manga by Kazuhiko Watanabe, Takehiko Inoue

Categories:Action, Comedy, Drama, Gender Bender, Mystery, Shounen, Police
Info:2 Volumes, 12 Chapters, 287 Pages
Manga scans by:Manga-Koekje
Series Brief Review
"Risk Hunters" are a special breed of professionals, willing to take on the jobs that even experienced detectives, law enforcement officers, negotiators or agents are incapable of handling. Among them, one man stands out as the strongest, as well as the strangest, risk hunter. His name is Chameleon Jail.

Volume 1

Chameleon Jail Manga » Volume 1
  1. He's Chameleon Jail!
  2. Midnight Mad Dog
  3. Dream of a Doll
  4. Jail's Imperial Wrath
  5. Working Madonna (part 1)
  6. Working Madonna (part 2)

Volume 2

Chameleon Jail Manga » Volume 2
  1. Working Madonna (part 3)
  2. Working Madonna (part 4)
  3. Working Madonna (part 5)
  4. Working Madonna (part 6)
  5. Don't Cry Daddy (part 1)
  6. Don't Cry Daddy (part 2)

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