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Coo no Sekai Manga by Hideji Oda

Alternative Title:Coos World, Ku no Sekai, Kuu no Sekai
Categories:Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mature, Psychological, Seinen
Info:2 Volumes, 10 Chapters, 455 Pages
Manga scans by:Mangascreener
Series Brief Review
Seventh grader Hayashi Renei is troubled by a strange dream: Her dead brother killed in an automobile accident comes back to life as Coo. The dream comes again the following night and then every night thereafter. Coo's world is a cruel one crueler than the real world, even with its own share of pain, suffering, and sadness. Renei is searching for her house with her brother and others whom she meets in Coo's world so that she can return to reality and the land of the living...

Volume 1

Coo no Sekai Manga » Volume 1
  1. My Brother Is Coo
  2. I Am In A Dream
  3. Give Me Back My Dream
  4. And Now I Awake

Volume 2

Coo no Sekai Manga » Volume 2
  1. Renei's First Love
  2. Visiting Father
  3. Dad's Present
  4. Grandma's Adventure
  5. The Road Back To Reality
  6. Extra Story. That Night's Dream

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