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Countrouble Manga by Akinari Nao

Alternative Title:Count-Trouble
Categories:Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural
Info:7 Volumes, 38 Chapters, 1322 Pages
Manga scans by:Simple Scans
Series Brief Review
A self-proclaimed angel decides to intervene with a boy's love life, starting with a timer on a boy's arm, which will count down every time the boy's heart beats from interacting with his crush starting from 10. At 0, the boy will confess everything he is thinking at that moment. But it only starts there! The 'angel' has powers based on the number 10, and grand the boy the ability to stop time, make someone fall in love with him, learn who others like, and more. With comedy, romance, and drama, this is not a typical shounen series and should not be passed up.

Volume 1

Countrouble Manga » Volume 1
  1. The Witch And The Beautiful Girl
  2. The Use Of A Thank You
  3. The Secret Motive Behind The 10 Seconds
  4. Eloquent Arrow
  5. Chivalry 1000 Metres Above Sea Level

Volume 2

Countrouble Manga » Volume 2
  1. Making Children And The Hat
  2. The Permafrost And The 3M Radius
  3. Kiss & Cry
  4. Your Happiness
  5. Just The Two Of Them
  6. Special Oneshot

Volume 3

Countrouble Manga » Volume 3
  1. The Man With Extremely Poor Timing
  2. Erase That Girl's Memories
  3. Shooting Fireworks for The Sake Of Someone Else
  4. Angels And The Little Devil
  5. The Hat And The Cake

Volume 4

Countrouble Manga » Volume 4
  1. Catching At The Athletics Carnival
  2. Yoshizawa-san's Box Lunch
  3. The Wish That A Bird Can Grant
  4. Dear God, Please
  5. A Maiden's Decision

Volume 5

Countrouble Manga » Volume 5
  1. An Adults' Discussion
  2. You're Making Such Face Too
  3. Chaos And A Miracle
  4. Honesty And Dishonesty
  5. Her Circumstances

Volume 6

Countrouble Manga » Volume 6
  1. Effective Magic for The First Date
  2. Unknown Of The Game Center
  3. Love Me - I Love You
  4. Naive Growth
  5. No Longer A Little Girl
  6. Naked Quartet

Volume 7

Countrouble Manga » Volume 7
  1. Fragrance Of Courage
  2. Love Power
  3. 3rd Day Dream
  4. A Clumsy Girlfriend
  5. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
  6. The Thing You Gave Me

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