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Datenshi Gakuen Debipara Manga by Yushi Kawata, Yukito

Alternative Title:Datenshi Gakuen Devil Paradise, Datenshi Gakuen DeviPara
Categories:Comedy, Romance, School Life, Seinen, Supernatural
Info:1 Volumes, 10 Chapters, 201 Pages
Manga scans by:Casanova
Series Brief Review
Three friends, Kotori, Yuuto, and Rin are trapped in school when the principle halfheartedly summons a horde of demons. The demons make a pact with each student in exchange for possessing them. Most of the students wished to be be good looking or to have longer legs, but Yuuto manages to stave off the possessed student body while Rin overpowers the weak demon possessing her. Yuuto makes a pact with a demon to return the school to normal, but what will happen to the school now that each student is being possessed by a demon?

Volume 1

Datenshi Gakuen Debipara Manga » Volume 1
  1. The Genesis
  2. Carved Seal
  3. Regulations
  4. Freezing Night
  5. The Demon Of Flame
  6. A Maiden's Suspicion
  7. The Courage Of Fire
  8. An Explosive Requiem
  9. The Truth
  10. The Determination To Face Tomorrow

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