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Detective Conan Manga by Aoyama Goushou

Alternative Title:Case Closed, Meitantei Conan
Categories:Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Shounen
Info:3 Volumes, 29 Chapters, 532 Pages
Manga scans by:Blink
Series Brief Review
High school detective Kudo Shinichi is infamously known to the people of Japan as "The Modern Sherlock Holmes". Yet things will detective.conand as he is drugged by two mysterious men in black and found himself shruken to the size of a kid. Hiding his real name, Shinichi now lives with his childhood sweetheart Mouri Ran under the name of Edogawa Conan and hoping to find some clues about the men in black through clients and cases of Ran's father - a pathetic second-class detective who quickly became well-known through secretive helps from Conan.

Volume 1

Detective Conan Manga » Volume 1
  1. The Heisei Holmes
  2. The Shrunken Detective
  3. The Left Out Detective
  4. The 6th Chimney
  5. One More Criminal
  6. Confused Detective To Great Detective
  7. The Bloody Idol
  8. A Person Who Looks Like You
  9. Unhappy Misunderstanding

Volume 2

Detective Conan Manga » Volume 2
  1. A Lucrative Shadowing
  2. The Perfect Alibi
  3. The Photos Speak
  4. The Missing Man
  5. The Pitiful Girl
  6. Chase The Giant!
  7. The Girl Like A Devil
  8. Mansion of Terror
  9. The Vanishing Children
  10. Nightmare In The Cellar

Volume 3

Detective Conan Manga » Volume 3
  1. The Hatamoto Family
  2. The Secret of the Impenetrable Room
  3. The Location of the Inheritance
  4. Family Obliteration
  5. Trap-Springer in the Dark
  6. The Dream That Will Not Come True
  7. Curious Presents
  8. The Same Person
  9. The Mystery of August 3rd
  10. Safe Before Yours Eyes

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