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Double Arts Manga by Naoshi Komi

Categories:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen
Info:3 Volumes, 23 Chapters, 543 Pages
Manga scans by:AOM, Mangaddicted, Ging
Series Brief Review
A boy and a girl are forced to join hands for all eternity!?
In a land ravaged by an epidemic known as "Troy", the only people with healing arts capable of stopping the seizures caused by the disease are the Sisters. Although they have a high resistance to the disease, they are searching for a person who is truly immune, so that they can find a cure. The main character is Sister Elraine, one of the Sisters who becomes infected with Troy. But, when she touches Kiri, a seemingly ordinary boy, her seizures stop. Could he be the one!?

Volume 1

Double Arts Manga » Volume 1
  1. Soul Mate
  2. Meet the Luchiles
  3. Sui
  4. Beauty & Beast
  5. Special

Volume 2

Double Arts Manga » Volume 2
  1. Body Temperature
  2. Crows Swoops Down
  3. His Choice
  4. And So, He Walks On
  5. On the Morning of Our Journey's Departure
  6. Farran Denzel and the Fortune-teller
  7. The Infamous Man
  8. We'll Fight
  9. Name

Volume 3

Double Arts Manga » Volume 3
  1. Sister
  2. The Story of Sister Heine
  3. Hopes and Dreams
  4. Their Path
  5. Lesson One
  6. Promise
  7. Beginning
  8. Double Arts
  9. From the Beginning, You...

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