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Dragon Half Manga by Ryuusuke Mita

Categories:Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Shounen
Info:3 Volumes, 66 Chapters, 1185 Pages
Manga scans by:Ahojed's Dragon Half Scanlation Project, Damaramu
Series Brief Review
An RPG-ish gag manga about a half-dragon-half-human girl whose love for a popular idol/dragon-slayer leads her on a quest to find a potion that will make her fully human. Which of course leads her and her friends in a quest to defeat the terrible Demon Lord Azatodeth.

Volume 1

Dragon Half Manga » Volume 1
  1. King Siva's Scheme
  2. The Adorable Knight, Dick Saucer
  3. Enter Vena, The Perfect Princess!
  4. The Legendary Pido Potion
  5. Mink's Quest
  6. Here Come The Hardline Forces: Lieutenant
  7. Dick Saucer is After Mink?!
  8. Vena's Secret
  9. The Threat of Archdemon Azatodeth
  10. Damaramu's Blunder of a Lifetime
  11. Kidnapped Siren's Songs
  12. The Search for the Three Artifacts
  13. The Deadly Metal Golem of Horror!
  14. The Malice-Slay Martial Arts Championship Trap is Sprung
  15. Damaramu Resurrected?!?
  16. Enter Azatodeth's Son, Dug!
  17. The Final Battle: Mink Versus Dug!
  18. The Love of Naga the Spider
  19. The Treasure of the Castle in the Sky
  20. The Pair's 100-Day War-Love and It's Direction

Volume 2

Dragon Half Manga » Volume 2
  1. Mink In A Huge Pinch!
  2. Audience Rating: 120% Saucers's Hidden Past
  3. Mink on Glass Slippers (pt.1)
  4. Mink on Glass Slippers (pt.2)
  5. Rescue Mink! Pia's Feat.
  6. Heavy-Damaramu Strikes Back?
  7. A New Enemy - Overlord Dead Lie!!
  8. Dragon Half Awakening
  9. The Secret of the Holy Garlic Cross Sword
  10. The Threat of Dead Lie's First General: Earth
  11. Mink Versus General Earth
  12. Another Mink Appears!?
  13. Dream Angel Magical Yone
  14. Showdown! The Undead Overlord's Labyrinth!
  15. Showdown! The Undead Overlord's Labyrinth! (Part 2)
  16. Mig Strikes Hard!
  17. Legend of the Holy Gourd
  18. Vena Strikes Back
  19. Dad's a Good Liar
  20. Shudder! Great Demon King Azatodeth!

Volume 3

Dragon Half Manga » Volume 3
  1. The Demon King Strikes!
  2. Dragon Half's Tragic Destiny!?
  3. Ultra Mecha God Damaramudeth! I
  4. Ultra Mecha God Damaramudeth! II
  5. Saucer, Prince of the Neptunes!?
  6. The Neptune Castle, Full of Love and Hate
  7. Ougi, Sonic Special! The Sword of The Dreamy Meteor!
  8. Super-destructive Beast-Man Mig-Guirras!
  9. Paul's Miracle Adventures!
  10. How Do You Do, My Name is Suzuki!
  11. The Beautiful Assassin
  12. Farewell, Mappy!
  13. The Secret of the Demon-Lord's Island!?
  14. Strike Back! Three Robot Soldiers (Sisters)
  15. His Name is Titan
  16. The Great Demon Lord's Royal Conference (On Air)
  17. Showdown At The Demon Lord's Castle! (Part 1)
  18. Showdown At The Demon Lord's Castle! (Part 2)
  19. Booby Trap!
  20. Crash! Saucer Vs Titan!
  21. Saucer Burnt Out
  22. Showdown! Azatodeth!
  23. A Drop Of Secret Potion
  24. Final Choices
  25. See You Later!
  26. Dragon Half Z

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