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Fly High! Manga by Natsumi Oouchi

Categories:Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Info:3 Volumes, 14 Chapters, 468 Pages
Manga scans by:StarryHeaven
Series Brief Review
Meru Tachibana, 12 years old. She's just returned back to Tokyo after 12 years of training with her father, who thought she was a boy! Now Meru is stronger than most guys, and she's doing her best to make sure that people don't find out, or else her chances of making friends is ruined! However, a group of eighth graders seem insistent on making that impossible, as they break the rules and pick on the weak. Will Meru be able to stop them as the new student council president without appearing to be a "Monster Melt King" as her mother has warned?

Volume 1

Fly High! Manga » Volume 1
  1. Battle.1
  2. Battle.2
  3. Battle.3
  4. Battle.4
  5. Battle.5

Volume 2

Fly High! Manga » Volume 2
  1. Battle.6
  2. Battle.7
  3. Battle.8
  4. Battle.9
  5. Battle.10
  6. Extra Story

Volume 3

Fly High! Manga » Volume 3
  1. Battle.11
  2. Battle.12
  3. Final Battle

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