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Fukashigi Philia Manga by Taishi Tsutsui

Categories:Action, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural
Info:3 Volumes, 16 Chapters, 567 Pages
Manga scans by:Extras
Series Brief Review
Their city is filled with criminals and three incredible high schoolers. Yugo, Rikiya and Tasuku are determined to clean up the city with whatever means necessary, even if that means using violence.
During a typical night of wiping out gangs, Tasuku comes across a beautiful girl held prisoner. She helps him survive what would have been a mortal wound by allowing him to see the future. Tasuku takes her home where he finds that her name is Noah, she doesn't speak at all, and has no memory. Even more fascinating to Tasuku, she bears the same tattoo as the person he has been searching for years for.

Volume 1

Fukashigi Philia Manga » Volume 1
  1. Vision
  2. Actualization
  3. Evil Tracer
  4. Evil Crusher
  5. Friends

Volume 2

Fukashigi Philia Manga » Volume 2
  1. Go to Action
  2. Murderer's Son
  3. Encounter
  4. Binded Snake
  5. Reason Of Justice

Volume 3

Fukashigi Philia Manga » Volume 3
  1. Motive Of Scars
  2. Armed Conflict
  3. Isumi
  4. 8 Years Ago
  5. Fukashigi Philias
  6. The Last Case

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