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Getter Robo Anthology - Shinka no Ishi Manga by Dynamic Pro, Masayuki Fujihara, Hiroyuki Imaishi, Go Nagai, Masakazu Ooi, Eiichi Shimizu, Tomohiro Shimoguchi, Nozomu Tamaki, Naoto Tsushima

Alternative Title:Getter Robo Anthology - Will of Evolution
Categories:Action, Mecha, Sci-fi
Info:1 Volumes, 7 Chapters, 189 Pages
Manga scans by:Chen Gong, Dynamic Pro Scanlations
Series Brief Review
A compilation of different authors and artists' take on Getter Robo. Featuring original short stories and art by:

Eiichi Shimizu & Tomohiro Shimoguchi
Naoto Tsushima
Go Nagai & Dynamic Pro
Masakazu Ooi
Masayuki Fujihara
Hiroyuki Imaishi
Nozomu Tamaki

Volume 1

Getter Robo Anthology - Shinka no Ishi Manga » Volume 1
  1. The Final Ten Seconds Of Space
  2. Final Destination
  3. The Girl From Dinosaur Empire
  4. Will Of The Universe
  5. God And Dragon
  6. United Robot Army
  7. Musashi Tomoe's Final Seconds (Quo Vadis)

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