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Gintama Manga by Hideaki Sorachi

Alternative Title:Gin Tama, Silver Soul
Categories:Action, Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Sci-Fi, Shounen
Info:58 Volumes, 501 Chapters, 10271 Pages
Manga scans by:Hi Wa Mata Noboru, Maximum7, Watta, YAnime, Imangascans...
Series Brief Review
The samurai didn't stand a chance. First, the aliens invaded Japan. Next, they took all the jobs. And then they confiscated everyone's swords. So what does a hotheaded former samurai like Sakata "Gin" Gintoki do to make ends meet? Take any odd job that comes his way, even if it means losing his dignity.

Volume 1. There Is No Evil In Those With A Natural Perm

Gintama Manga » Volume 1. There Is No Evil In Those With A Natural Perm
  1. There Is No Evil In Those With A Natural Perm
  2. Owners Should Take Care Of Their Pets Until The End
  3. Be Aware That Jump Magazine May Come Out On Saturdays
  4. One That Look Good At First Sight Is No Good At All
  5. Make Friends That Will Call Each Other By Nicknames Forever
  6. If You Guys Have Time To Be Terrorists, Take Pero For A Walk

Volume 2. The Difference Between Toughness And Vengeance Is Paper Thin!

Gintama Manga » Volume 2. The Difference Between Toughness And Vengeance Is Paper Thin!
  1. Keep A Promise, Even If It Kills You
  2. The Difference Between Toughness And Vengeance Is Paper Thin!
  3. A Good Fight Should Do
  4. Eat Something Sour When You're Tired
  5. Look, Overly Sticky Sweet Dumplings Are Not Dumplings, You Idiot!
  6. Young Girls Across The Country, Get Home Before Curfew
  7. Only Dirty Things Are Born Of Toilets

Volume 3. If You Think About It, Doesn't Life Get Longer Once You Become An Old Man!? Anger!!

Gintama Manga » Volume 3. If You Think About It, Doesn't Life Get Longer Once You Become An Old Man!? Anger!!
  1. If You're Going To Go In Costume, Go All Out
  2. Boys Have A Weird Ritual That Makes Them Think They Turn into Men When They Touch A Frog
  3. If You Stop And Think About It, Your Life's a Lot Longer As An Old Guy Than a Kid! Whoa, Scary!!
  4. Even If You Aren't Drunk, Pretend You Are And Steal Your Boss's Toupee
  5. If You're A Man, Try The Swordfish!
  6. Even Teen Idols Act Like You Guys
  7. Pets Resemble Their Owners
  8. Kids' Annoyance Factor Is Proportional To The Length Of Their Hair
  9. Stress Makes You Bald, But It's Stressful To Avoid Stress, So You End Up Stressed Out Anyway, So In the End There's Nothing You Can Do

Volume 4. Exaggerate the Tales of Your Exploits by a Third, so Everyone Has a Good Time

Gintama Manga » Volume 4. Exaggerate the Tales of Your Exploits by a Third, so Everyone Has a Good Time
  1. You Only Gotta Wash Under The Armpits - Just the Armpits
  2. Exaggerate The Tales Of Your Exploits By A Third, So Everyone Has A Good Time
  3. You Probably Think That You Are Cute. Being Cute All The Time
  4. When On A Trip. Even If You Forget The Pants. Don't Forget The UNO
  5. When You're Bothered, Smile, Just Smile.
  6. Yes, Our Family Is Really The Best
  7. Do You Really Think You Can Study For The Exam While Listening To Music!? Just Cut It Out Already!
  8. Troubles Aren't Caused By Bad People. They're Caused By Overjoyed People.
  9. A Father And Son Are Similar In The Bad Things.

Volume 5. Watch Out for Conveyor Belts!

Gintama Manga » Volume 5. Watch Out for Conveyor Belts!
  1. Why Is The Sea Water Salty, You Ask? Probably Because You City Dwellers Do Your Business - While Swimming. Dammit!!
  2. Be Careful Of Belt Conveyers
  3. Guys With Big Complexes Also Have Big Jobs To Do
  4. Don't Get Confused! There's Something Called "Cooling Off", You Know!
  5. Don't Be Embarrassed And Raise Your Hands All At Once While You Say It!
  6. I'm Done Being Reckless
  7. Okamas Are Keen To Both The Idiocy Of Men And The Unfairness Of Women!
  8. Anyone Making A Cute Face Is Hiding Something!
  9. Misunderstandings Concerning Marriages Are Things That Continue Through Your Entire Life

Volume 6. Some Things You Can't Cut With A Sword

Gintama Manga » Volume 6. Some Things You Can't Cut With A Sword
  1. Is There Really Nothing More Delicious Than Matsutake? Everyone Needs To Ponder This Once.
  2. Grab Your Dreams With Your Fists
  3. All Men Are Romantics
  4. There Are Some Things Even A Sword Can't Cut
  5. Why Won't Good Things Happen To Me, But Bad Things Continuously Do?
  6. The More Delicious The Something Is, If You Get Poisoned By It. It's Usually Really Bad
  7. You Must Watch TV And Read The Paper Carefully
  8. People With A Lot Of Cuts On Their Calves Are Also Very Talkative
  9. Once You've Used Automatic Toilet, You Can't Get Used To The Other Toilets!

Volume 7. The Things You Care the Least About Are the Ones You Never Forget

Gintama Manga » Volume 7. The Things You Care the Least About Are the Ones You Never Forget
  1. Unimportant Things Are The Hardest To Forget
  2. Life Moves Like A Conveyor Belt
  3. A Park Belongs To Kids
  4. Can Bells Get Rid Of All Your Troubles? Best To Rely On Yourself!
  5. It's Rude To Get People's Names Wrong
  6. A Ramen Shop With Too Much Variety On Its Menu Won't Have Good Business
  7. Eating Ice Cream In The Winter Is Pretty Good Too
  8. What's The "Bonbon" In Whiskey Bonbons?
  9. You Have To Plan To Have Kids

Volume 8. Just Slug Your Daughter's Boyfriend and Get It Over With

Gintama Manga » Volume 8. Just Slug Your Daughter's Boyfriend and Get It Over With
  1. Knock Before Going To The Bathroom
  2. You Can't Get Anything From Just A Movie Title
  3. If You Pee At A Worm, It'll Grow!
  4. At The Most, You's Only Be Together For 20 Years, So As A Daughter; You Must Take Care Of Your Father!
  5. Just Go And Beat Up Your Daughter's Boyfriend First
  6. Character Designs Should Be So Clear That Readers Will Know Automatically Who They Are From Just The Panel Background.
  7. You Shouldn't Judge People By Their Looks
  8. Will Cherries Grow Up To Become Sakura Tress?
  9. "M" Is For "No More Enemies"

Volume 9

Gintama Manga » Volume 9
  1. 68: The Moon Knows Everything
  2. 69: Because Mother's Still Busy, Stop Complaining About What's On The Dinner Menu
  3. 70: A Life Without Gambling Is Like Sushi Without Wasabi
  4. 71: Stop Drinking Sake When You're Feeling Good
  5. 72: Walk Your Dog At A Moderate Speed
  6. 73: One Bark Is Worth A Million Songs
  7. 74: Cabaret Clubs Are For Ages 20 And Up
  8. 75: Those Who Are Alike Will Fight
  9. 76: Don't Lose At Anything You Do

Volume 10

Gintama Manga » Volume 10
  1. 77: Milk Should Be Served at Body Temperature
  2. 79: Apo Needid Before Meeting Someone
  3. 80: When It Comes To Dates, Be There At Least 90 Minutes Early
  4. 81: If You Turn On Your Fan While You Sleep, You'll Get Stomach Aches, So Be Careful
  5. 82: The Passing World Has Nothing But Ghosts

Volume 11. The Sun Rises Again

Gintama Manga » Volume 11. The Sun Rises Again
  1. 86: You Don't Need A Guidebook For Love
  2. 87: Life Is Constantly Moving
  3. 88: My Ideal Girlfriend Is Minami-chan
  4. 89: Store-Bought Croquettes Sure Are Popular
  5. 90: Bad Things Happen In Threes
  6. 91: Crazy People Come Out During A Full Moon
  7. 92: Don't Forget To Bring Your Umbrella
  8. 93: Only Bad Guys And Retards Like Heights
  9. 94: The Sun Will Always Rise Again

Volume 12. The Longest Way Around is the Shortest Way

Gintama Manga » Volume 12. The Longest Way Around is the Shortest Way
  1. 95: Bugs That Live In Darkness Love The Light
  2. 96: Polish A Sword With Patience
  3. 97: Save It For A Rainy Day
  4. 98: To Deceive Another Is To Deceive Oneself
  5. 99: The Person Who Insists On Saying "There Is No Such Thing As Santa Claus" Is Really The One Who Wishes Most For Santa Claus To Come
  6. 100: Nabemono Is A Reflection Of Life
  7. 101: Be Careful Of The Captain-For-A-Day, Frau Rottenmaier!
  8. 102: Because I Am Me
  9. 103: Only Children Get Excited When They See The Snow

Volume 13. Yesterday's Enemy Is Somehow Today's Enemy As Well

Gintama Manga » Volume 13. Yesterday's Enemy Is Somehow Today's Enemy As Well
  1. 104: Almost Every Mother Is The Same
  2. 105: Too Much Kaki-pi Is Bad For You
  3. 106: When Eating He Doesn't Make A Crunching Sound
  4. 107: Flower And Cake Stores Are The Weakness Of Men And Girls
  5. 108: Delicious Sticks Unexpectedly Make You Full
  6. 109: Dango Over Flowers
  7. 110: All You Can Do Now Is Suffer Silently And Cook Red Bean Rice!
  8. 111: Watch The Sakata Family Drama Over Dinner At 7pm Tuesday Evenings!
  9. 112: Yesterday's Enemy Is Somehow Today's Enemy As Well

Volume 14. If There's Four people, It Is A Lot Of Knowledge

Gintama Manga » Volume 14. If There's Four people, It Is A Lot Of Knowledge
  1. 113: Handle Breakable Items With Care
  2. 114: Either Blood Or Bandages...I'm Envious Of How Cool It Looks!
  3. 115: Those Who Show A Strong Preference In Food Respond To People With Equal Directness
  4. 116: You Shouldn't Pick Things Up Just Because You're Feeling Upset
  5. 117: Do It Before You've Done It
  6. 118: If There's Six People, It's A Lot Of Knowledge
  7. 119: Every Word Has Its Opposite
  8. 120: Everyone Makes Mistakes
  9. 121: When A Guy Who Wears Glasses Suddenly Removes Them, It Feels Like Part Of Them Is Missing

Volume 15

Gintama Manga » Volume 15
  1. 122: Everyone Cares About Someone
  2. 123: Woman's Best Makeup Is Her Smile
  3. 124: The 'Next Week's Preview' In Jump Is Unreliable
  4. 125: Go With "Might" Drive
  5. 126: A Dog's Meatball Smells Quite Pleasant
  6. 127:
  7. 128: Luck Has Nothing To Do With People's Social Status
  8. 129:
  9. 130:

Volume 16. Women Who Say "Work Or Me, Which One Is Important?", Give Them A German Suplex

Gintama Manga » Volume 16. Women Who Say "Work Or Me, Which One Is Important?", Give Them A German Suplex
  1. 131:
  2. 132:

Volume 17

Gintama Manga » Volume 17
  1. 147: Kontrol Your Gaming Time To One Hour A Day
  2. 148: Don't Spend Your Whole Day Off Playing Video Games

Volume 19. A Schemer Will Lose Himself In His Plot

Gintama Manga » Volume 19. A Schemer Will Lose Himself In His Plot
  1. 158: What's happened lately has various uses for what happens next
  2. 159: Rules are made to be broken
  3. 160: An Otaku Talks Too Much
  4. 161: I want to watch anime
  5. 162: The difference between strengths and weaknesses is only a thin line
  6. 163: Uniform is better by 20%
  7. 164: Don't play on the railroad tracks
  8. 165: The Schemer Is Caught In His Own Scheme
  9. 166: Important things are hard to see

Volume 20. The Time Before The Summer Holidays Start Is The Best

Gintama Manga » Volume 20. The Time Before The Summer Holidays Start Is The Best
  1. 167: Listen carefully to what people have to say
  2. 172: There's Almost a 100% Chance of Forgetting One's Vinyl Umbrella and Then Hating Oneself
  3. 173: Life is a test
  4. 174: The time before the summer holidays start is the best
  5. 175: Time alone is also important

Volume 21. Be As Straightforward As Your Back Is Bent

Gintama Manga » Volume 21. Be As Straightforward As Your Back Is Bent
  1. 176: The older the wiser
  2. 177: Age is the In" Thing"
  3. 178: Adults get excited about kids' summer holidays too
  4. 179: Beauty is like a summer fruit
  5. 180: Be as straightforward as your back is bent
  6. 181: A man views the moon and drinks alone
  7. 182: Flowers grow on dead trees

Volume 22. Always Hold A Screwdriver In Your Heart

Gintama Manga » Volume 22. Always Hold A Screwdriver In Your Heart
  1. 187: The tales of a worker! It's sushi!!
  2. 188: The Shinsengumi's horrible toilet incident
  3. 189: To a novice, a Phillips and a Flathead are equally as splendid
  4. 190: The power of imagination is best between two people
  5. 191: Parameters in real life and in net games are directly inversed
  6. 192: Always, be a screwdriver in your heart
  7. 193: "Prison Break Season 2", You Say? But How Can You Call It A Prison Break When You're Right Back Where You Started?

Volume 23. There's Usually a Fight Before a Trip

Gintama Manga » Volume 23. There's Usually a Fight Before a Trip
  1. 194:
  2. 195: Let's have a chat about the past
  3. 196: Before Going On A Trip, There Are Various Arguments
  4. 197: Silver And The Good For Nothing Of His Highness
  5. 198: The Line Under Your Briefs Is Absolutely Inescapable
  6. 199: It Sure Is Fun To Draw In The Deformed Style
  7. 200: Oh, It's Chapter 200 Now? Don't Worry About It
  8. 201: Rest For A Ghost Is At Their Descrtion
  9. 202: A cigarette box with only two cigarettes in it smells a lot like a guy who walks into a room with the scent of horse dung

Volume 24. There Are Things Which You Won't Understand Even If You Met Each Other

Gintama Manga » Volume 24. There Are Things Which You Won't Understand Even If You Met Each Other
  1. 203: There are some things words cannot express
  2. 204: That face has been decided on!!
  3. 205: There are things that you won't understand by not meeting each other
  4. 206: There are things that can't be done without meeting
  5. 207: Be careful of what you pick up and eat
  6. 208: Cat owners and dog owners never see eye to eye
  7. 209: Need energy? Leave it to booze

Volume 25. Using two-page spreads is so Jump-like

Gintama Manga » Volume 25. Using two-page spreads is so Jump-like
  1. 210: A samurai's way doesn't seem mean when you're hungry
  2. 211: Pretty roses can come from the thorniest of bushes
  3. 212: Beware of guys who use umbrellas on sunny days
  4. 213: Using two page spreads is so jump like
  5. 214: Business transactions come before struggles to the death
  6. 215: It's dangerous to interrupt a fight
  7. 216: There are plenty of guys who think that "little breasts" are "pretty breasts", Rambo isn't reckless, and that "buddy" and "ah, a wart" don't sound the same
  8. 217: Life's all about choosing the right footing
  9. 218: Only Mommy can stop siblings from fighting

Volume 26. Booze tastes a bit different during the day

Gintama Manga » Volume 26. Booze tastes a bit different during the day
  1. 219: People who say "I'm really getting angry" are in fact not angry at all
  2. 220: It's the supervillian types who have the best smiles
  3. 221: There is no night without dawn
  4. 222: Standing four legged is beastlike, while standing two legged in a show of bravado is man
  5. 223: Don't draw confidence from bedtime stories
  6. 224: Women who turn tricks are not to be trusted
  7. 225: Burning a perm doesn't change it
  8. 226: Spread your arms wide enough and they'll fade into the distance
  9. 227: Various people bring about various bonds
  10. 228: Booze tastes a bit different during the day

Volume 27. Heavenly beings' superiors are the ones who created topknots

Gintama Manga » Volume 27. Heavenly beings' superiors are the ones who created topknots
  1. 229: All adults are all children's instructors
  2. 230: You gotta get up and make your own crib
  3. 231: Gossip born in the barbershop is among the world's most pointless
  4. 232: Heavenly beings' superiors are the ones who created topknots
  5. 233: Zippers should be undone with care
  6. 234: Bad guys sleep more often
  7. 235:
  8. 236: Usually, Birthday Gatherings Turn Into Unwanted Reunions
  9. 237: Don't Let Sleeping Children Lie

Volume 28. It takes subtle amounts of courage to sneak into a shopping cart

Gintama Manga » Volume 28. It takes subtle amounts of courage to sneak into a shopping cart
  1. 238: It Takes Subtle Amounts Of Courage To Sneak Into A Shopping Cart
  2. 239: Guys Need A Battlefield To Feel Complete
  3. 240: Be Sure To Take Your Infected Friends To A Hospital
  4. 241: When In A Cardboard Box, One Bad Apple Ruins The Bunch
  5. 242: If It Looks Like A Foreigner It's A Foreigner, If It Looks Like An Alien, It'S An Alien
  6. 243: Look As Many Times As You Want, It's Still The Laputa
  7. 244: Love Often Become Cruelty
  8. 245: Even A Black Boat Looks Flashy When It Sinks
  9. 246: There's Loads Of Dirt Under The Willow Tree

Volume 29

Gintama Manga » Volume 29
  1. 247: Smooth Polygons Smooth Out A Human's Heart
  2. 248: A Person's Body Is A Microuniverse
  3. 249: There Are Always Two Guys In A Party Of Warriors That Essentially Do The Same Thing
  4. 250: Idiots Lead Idiots
  5. 251: And Then, Towards A Legend...
  6. 252: A Dangerous Scent....
  7. 253: A Tasty Situation Indeed!!
  8. 254: As There Is Light, There Is Radiance
  9. 255: Get Caught Up In The Spider's Web, And You'll Be Hard Pressed To Escape

Volume 30

Gintama Manga » Volume 30
  1. 256: Beauty Is Fleeting, Ugly Is Forever
  2. 257: A Single Thread Is Flammable At It's Base
  3. 258: Students Should Leave With Their Teachers
  4. 259: There's Hell To Pay When A Lazy Guy Gets Angry
  5. 260: The Important Things Are Usually The Heaviest
  6. 261: When The Time Comes, Pay Back What You Owe
  7. 262: Be Forewarned Booze And Women Don't Mix
  8. 263: Going To The Dentist Only Gets Harder With Age
  9. 264: The Bigger An Areola Is, The Bigger A Person Can Be

Volume 31

Gintama Manga » Volume 31
  1. 265: Character Polls And The Like Are All Crap
  2. 266: So Long Buddy...
  3. 267: Things Like Character Polls Should Be Ground Up Into A Tofu Like Substance
  4. 268: Things Like Character Polls Are...
  5. 269: It's Only A Superstition That Bees Stings Go Away When You Piss On Them. In Reality It's Just A Great Way To Get Germs, So Be Careful!!
  6. 270: Watch Out For Death Flags
  7. 271: There Are Things That No Matter How Dirty They Are, Have To Be Exposed
  8. 272: Say So Long Once The Flags Sways
  9. 273: Radio Physical Fitness Shows Are How Boys And Girls Build Stable Social Relationships

Volume 32

Gintama Manga » Volume 32
  1. 274: Stick With Your Observation Diaries Until The Very End
  2. 275: When Looking For Something, Try Thinking From It's Point Of View
  3. 276: Look Behind You Shimura' Actually Means Watch Your Back, Shimura's Coming!!
  4. 277: Living Freely Isn't Crazy, It's Just by Your Own Rules.
  5. 278: Drag Idiots By Their Tails
  6. 279: Kabuki Cho Alleycat Blues
  7. 280: COOKiNG Is Willpower
  8. 281: Am I Stupid In Thinking Of Sazat-san When I Hear The Word Leviathan?
  9. 282: Even Rain Is Never Ending

Volume 33

Gintama Manga » Volume 33
  1. 283: The Expectations For A Movie Are Proportionate To The Height Of The Seating In The Theater
  2. 284: Not Even Losing To Wind
  3. 285: Not Even Losing To Storms
  4. 286: Not Even Losing To Meteorites
  5. 287: Not Even Losing To Heretical Demons
  6. 288: Not Even Letting Time Destroy Our Smiles
  7. 289: Even I Wish To Become Something Beautiful And Strong
  8. 290: The Red On Santa Is Probably Blood
  9. 291: What Santa A Delivers Is Not Limited To Presents

Volume 34

Gintama Manga » Volume 34
  1. 293: Think About Balance In Your Meals
  2. 294: Do New Years Cards With Calligraphy Pens
  3. 295: Cocoa Over Hearts
  4. 296: The Posted Board Store's Poster Girl Has Sorachi Hideaki . Enough Trouble With Two Place Cards
  5. 297: Outrageous Cities Are Full Of Gathering Places For Yahoo Type Guys
  6. 298: Trash That Is Mixed Together Will Stink
  7. 299: When Were Odagiri Joe's Hairdo And Shenmve's Continuation Sales Decided?
  8. 300: Ghosts Aren't The Only Ones Who Go Crazy In Graneyards
  9. 301:

Volume 35

Gintama Manga » Volume 35
  1. 302: The Chains Of Men
  2. 303: Bonds That Can't Be Cut By 30 Volumes Worth Of Enemies
  3. 304: Town Of Iron
  4. 305: When An Old Man And A Young Girl Get Together, All Kinds Of Creativity Abound
  5. 306: Stubborn Shameless, Forceful, Flexible
  6. 307: Battle Of The Monkey Lords
  7. 308:
  8. 309: Humbled To Make Your Acquaintance
  9. 310: The Wonderful World, Full Of Villains

Volume 36

Gintama Manga » Volume 36
  1. 311: Odd Or Event
  2. 312: Difficult To Command Super Secret Techniques Won't Work
  3. 313: We Are All Soldiers In The War Against Fate...
  4. 314: Jugem
  5. 315: Names And Natures Es Often Match
  6. 316: It's Surprising The People You Meet For The First Time At A Funeral
  7. 317: You Should Watch The Ukon Tea Twice When Possible
  8. 318: Glases Are Part Of The Soul...

Volume 37

Gintama Manga » Volume 37
  1. 319: Z...
  2. 320: Annihilation Kill Vs Certain Kill
  3. 321: There Are Things That You Can't See, Even With Glasses On
  4. 322: What Happens Twice, Will Happen Thrice
  5. 323: If There's A Pool, There's Porori
  6. 324: Right After Summer Vacation Everyone Looks A Little More Adult
  7. 325: Right After Winter Vacation Everyone Looks Pretty Adult , Too
  8. 326: Right After Goldenweek Ends, If You Can See It, You Can See It
  9. 327: Candles Are A Bit Exciting, Aren't They?

Volume 38

Gintama Manga » Volume 38
  1. 328: Crab Claws Are Pincers That Sever Bonds
  2. 329: An Old Guy's Home Situation Is Usually Pretty-Tough
  3. 330: An Old Man's Heart Is Surprisingly Soft
  4. 331: Field Trips Are Often Learning Experiences Even For Adults
  5. 332: To Be Honest, I Don't Have A Single Memory Of Having Observational Study At A Factory
  6. 333: Everyone Has Committed The Sin Of Borrowing Without Returning
  7. 334: In Bath Houses, Your Heart And Bodies Are Totally Naked

Volume 39

Gintama Manga » Volume 39
  1. 335: If Camilla Fans And Vidal Sasoon And Timote Fans All Wash Each Others Baks, They're One
  2. 336: Even At And Of Year Parties, There Are Things You Can't Forget
  3. 337: It'll Be Okay
  4. 338: Beware Of The Housewife Next Door
  5. 339: People Are Able To Live By Forgetting Some Things
  6. 340: Sure, Prison Break Season Two Still Had Some Prison Breaking, But Then It Was The Prison That Is This Rotten Society, So You Can Still Call It Prison Break
  7. 341: Everyone Wears Pajamas
  8. 342: I'll Throw You Into Solitary
  9. 343: Blue And Red Eostasy

Volume 40

Gintama Manga » Volume 40
  1. 344: Might I Come Skiing With You?
  2. 345: No Matter Hov Hard You Work To Build A Snow Hut, The Next Day It'll Get Destroyed By Some Brat
  3. 346: Who Doesn' Wanna Go On A Company Trip!?
  4. 347: Love Doesn't Have Plusses Or Minuses
  5. 348: Love Is An Illusion After All
  6. 349:
  7. 350: All There Is Is Love Across The World
  8. 351: Thin King Of This Title And Thinking Of Email Titles Are Both A Pain In The Ass
  9. 352: Messenger From Out Of Range
  10. Extra

Volume 41

Gintama Manga » Volume 41
  1. 353: Picture Story Show, Dream Story Show, I Don't Wanna Know
  2. 354: Forgettable Guy Show Up When They're Forgotten
  3. 355: Space Bururun Travel Diary
  4. 356: If You're A Man, Try The Cockpit At Least Once
  5. 357: A Senryoubako And A Box Of Junk
  6. 358: Empty Star
  7. 359: Business Is War
  8. 360: I Won't Lit You Say Sayonalion
  9. Special: Remember There Are Crossovers Like Alien Predator

Volume 42

Gintama Manga » Volume 42
  1. 361: Draw Your Life On The Canvas We Call Manga
  2. 362: When Asked If I'm A CoroCoro Sort Of Guy Or A BonBon Sort Of Guy,...
  3. 363: Written In Alphabetical Notation, All Of Mankind Are Hosts
  4. 364: Women Like Vegeta, Men Like Piccolo
  5. 365: Check It Out!!
  6. 366: It May Be Painful To Have An Unsuccessful Sibling, But Even If...
  7. 367: The Thorns Entwined In The Cogs
  8. 368: Baragaki (Thorn Brat) And Baragaki (Rose Brat)
  9. 369: Festival Of The No-Good Brats
  10. 370: Letter From A Baragaki

Volume 43

Gintama Manga » Volume 43
  1. 371: Madaodog Millionaire
  2. 372: Nobody With A Straight Perm Is A Bad Guy
  3. 373: Nobody With A Straight Perm Is A Bad Guy (Part 2))
  4. 374: Gintoki And Kintoki
  5. 375: Kin-san's Kin***
  6. 376: Writing "Friend" And Reading It As "Enemy"
  7. 377: Writing "Enemy" And Reading It As "Friend"
  8. 378: Steel Memories
  9. 379: A Protagonist Is
  10. 380: Mantama

Volume 44

Gintama Manga » Volume 44
  1. 381: Presents Should Be Gotten Early
  2. 382: Otoshidamas' Compatiblity With Dirty Jokes Is Outstanding
  3. 383: When You're Slepping Under A Kotatsu, Be Coreful You Don't Cook Your ...tama
  4. 384: Observational Love Begins With Observation
  5. 385: In The End Parents Don't Like Anyone The Kid Brings Home
  6. 386: Prostitute On The Other Foot
  7. 387: Eww! Not You, Old Man!!
  8. 388: In The Palace, I Daresay!!
  9. 389: Sleepovers Are Where You Get Pranked By The Guys That Go To Sleep First
  10. 390: "Country Selzing" Is Kinda More Exciting To Write Than "Country Taking"

Volume 45

Gintama Manga » Volume 45
  1. 391: Five Fingers
  2. 392: The Sun And The Moon
  3. 393: Purge
  4. 394: Bitter Enemies In The Same Boat
  5. 395: Paradise And Hell
  6. 396: Vow
  7. 397: Samurai's Country
  8. 398: Two Demons
  9. 399: Unsinking Moon
  10. 400: One Editor Is Enough

Volume 46

Gintama Manga » Volume 46
  1. 401: Dog Food Has Less Taste Than It Appears To
  2. 402: Dog Food Makes For A Surprisingly Good Snak To Go With Alcogol
  3. 403: The Sound Of The Thing Called A Beam Shoots Throngt All People
  4. 404: A Langhing Gate Invites Misfortune
  5. 405: Two Aniki's
  6. 406: Each Person's Dignity
  7. 407: We Don't Want 'em, You Bastard
  8. 408: Shin-boy And Hajime-nii
  9. 409: Doctrine Of The Beam Saber Style
  10. 410: Baobe, Gasoline, Smiles, And Tears

Volume 47

Gintama Manga » Volume 47
  1. 411: A Begirama. Summer
  2. 412: Amen
  3. 413: Jesus
  4. 414: Fool!!
  5. 415: Being A Leader Is Tough
  6. 416: Dudes With Huge Nostrils Also Have Huge Imaginations
  7. 417: Rather Than Memorlaing Years, You Should Burn Human Beings Inti Your Memory
  8. 418: Mirros Show Both Beauty And Ugliness Exactly As They Are
  9. 419: Set' The Heart Aflame
  10. 420: The Stairway Adulthood Isn't Something You Only Go Up

Volume 48

Gintama Manga » Volume 48
  1. 421: Romantic Love And Prental Affection
  2. 422: Bald Dad, Gray Haired Dad, And Four-Eyed Dad
  3. 423: No One Is Interested In License Photos
  4. 424: 3000 Leaques In Search Of Scabbard
  5. 425: Total Sadist Vs Total Sadist
  6. 426: Fools And Katana Need Nice Handling
  7. 427: Realistically, Spiral Turds Have A Maximum Of Two Full Twists
  8. 428: Most Powerful Sword VS Worst Dull Blade
  9. 429: Invisible Scabbard
  10. 430: Tne Differerce Between Godly Games And Shitty Games Is Paper Thin

Volume 49

Gintama Manga » Volume 49
  1. 431: A Bowl Of Ramen
  2. 432: One Crust Of Bread
  3. 433: One Family
  4. 434: Fashionable Is Something That Disappears The Moment It Is Put Into Words
  5. 435: All Answers Are In The Field
  6. 436: New Sentais Seem To Start Out As Things You Could Never Approve Of , But By The Last Episide, You Don't Want Them To Go Away
  7. 437:
  8. 438: I Believe I Can Be Beautiful And Make Manga
  9. 439: When You Forget About Calories Is When They Come Back
  10. 440: Affection, Heartache, Manlinnes And Femininity

Volume 50

Gintama Manga » Volume 50
  1. 441: 10-1=
  2. 442: The G-Pen Is A Capricions, The Maru-Pen Is Stubborn
  3. 443: Mommys Benton Are Always Too Gold And Somewhat Squashed
  4. 444: Sunglasses Of Life And Death
  5. 445: Snot Diamond
  6. 446: Wash Your Hands Before Handshakes
  7. 447: Diamonds Cannot Be Scratched
  8. 448: Chapters Of The Chosen Bitches
  9. 449: Mettle Of An Idol
  10. 450: Human Life Lasts Only 50 Years, Contract Human Life With Life Of Geten, It Is But A Very Dream And Lottery

Volume 51

Gintama Manga » Volume 51
  1. 451: Human Life Lasts Only 50 Years, Contast Human Life With Life Of Geten , It Is But A Very Dream And Mohawks
  2. 452: It's Hard To Enter A Reunoin Party When You Get There Late
  3. 453: at Reunions, Memories You Don't Want To Remember Reawaken Too
  4. 454: A Reunion Party Of Onis And Shadows
  5. 455: You Hide Erotic Books But You Don't Hide *****
  6. 456: The Phoenix Will Always Rise Again
  7. 457: Making Light Of Early Plot Elements Is Fatal
  8. 458: Feigned Illness Are The Source Of All Kinds Of Diseases
  9. 459: Saying Goodbye
  10. 460: Love Is A Roach Motel

Volume 52

Gintama Manga » Volume 52
  1. 461: Hide Your Face Without Hiding Your Heart
  2. 462: Not A Damn Thing Happened in Summer 2013
  3. 463: Characters That Show Up Wearing All White Will End Up Dead, Covered In Blood
  4. 464: Morning And Night Shinigami
  5. 465: An Oni Or A Human?
  6. 466: Hijikata Disappeared At The End Of The Mayonnaise Line
  7. 467: Okita Also Disappeared, At The End Of The Total Sadist Line
  8. 468: Ikeda Yaemon
  9. 469: Farewell, Shinigami
  10. 470:I'm Mayoler And He's Sweet Tooth

Volume 53

Gintama Manga » Volume 53
  1. 471: I'll Be V-shape And Hell Be Natural Perm
  2. 472: I'm The Right Ball And He's The Left ball
  3. 473: I'm Unqualified To Be A Leader And He's Also Unqualified To Be A Leader
  4. 474: I'm Eyeglasses And He's Sunglasses
  5. 475: I'm A Leader And You're Also A Leader
  6. 476: I'm Yorozuya And He's Shinsengumi
  7. 477: Always Open Bags Like They Have 50 Million In Them
  8. 478: Stick a Barf Bag In Your Handbag, Too
  9. 479: True Merchant
  10. 480: Always Open Bags As If They Have Rocks Inside

Volume 54

Gintama Manga » Volume 54
  1. 481: Essay Manga Are Easy To Draw
  2. 482: The Kanji For Thief Are Quite Evil
  3. 483: Two Monkeys
  4. 484: Pauses Never Happen At Good Times
  5. 485: There Is Trash That Even A Matsuibou Cannot Get Rid Of
  6. 486: There Are Two Types Of Humans In The World, Those That Shout Specials Attacks And Those That Don't
  7. 487: To The Place Where Dreams Await Us!!
  8. 488: Afros Of Life And Death

Volume 55

Gintama Manga » Volume 55
  1. 489: Afros Of Love And Hate
  2. 490: Afors Of Justice And Betrayal
  3. 491: Afurou And Afros
  4. 492: Smoke Rises In Places Without Love
  5. 493: The Heavens Do Not Make Beautiful Women Better Than Ugly Women
  6. 494: Beat Trash
  7. 495: Eternal Flower
  8. 496: In Both Spring And Winter
  9. 497: Strike While The Iron And The Evil King Are Hot
  10. 498: Oil Rain

Volume 56

Gintama Manga » Volume 56
  1. 499: Glasses Are Part Of The Heart
  2. 500: Does Everyone Really See The Same World?
  3. 501: Guardian Spirits Are A Part Of The Body, Too
  4. 502: Shoguns Of Light And Shadow
  5. 503: A Horse From A Gourd
  6. 504: A Shogun's Duty And A Shinobi's Duty
  7. 505: Villains And Policemen
  8. 506: Shinobi Country
  9. 507: Steel Peashoter
  10. 508: Soul Of The Shinobi

Volume 57

Gintama Manga » Volume 57
  1. 509: Proof (Scar)
  2. 510: Samurai And Shinobi
  3. 511: The Last 5 People
  4. 512: Request
  5. 513: Place To Go Back To
  6. 514: Those That Protect All
  7. 515: Battle To Take A Country And Quarrel Between Siblings
  8. 516: Two Good For Nothings
  9. 517: Each One's Samurai
  10. 518: Fist

Volume 58

Gintama Manga » Volume 58
  1. 519: Enemies
  2. 520: Sakata Gintoki Of Shouka Sonjuku
  3. 521: After The War, The Crow Caws
  4. 522: The Disciples Of Shouyou
  5. 523: Resistance
  6. 524: Farewell Pal
  7. 525: 3 Sake Cups
  8. 526: The Day The Demon Cried
  9. 527: New Ones And Old Ones
  10. 528: Heroes Show Up Late

Volume 59

Gintama Manga » Volume 59
  1. 529: Forgotten Thing
  2. 530: The Shogun AndTthe Villains (Joui Patriots)
  3. 531: Jailbreak
  4. 532: Festival
  5. 533: Stray Dogs
  6. 534: Iron Rules Of Surveillance
  7. New 535: Shinsengumi Kyokuchuu Hatto Article 47

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