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Handmade no Oujisama Manga by Sayo Koito

Alternative Title:Prince of Sewing
Categories:Josei, Romance
Info:1 Volumes, 6 Chapters, 204 Pages
Manga scans by:HaruHime, Evil Flowers
Series Brief Review
ASABA Michiru is a fashion magazine editor. Not only is she nicknamed "Mighty Woman", but her excellent image also brings high praise from her colleagues. But then, because Michiru can't sew buttons, her boyfriend uses this excuse to dump her. Thus, Michiru embarks on a mission to become a perfect and flawless woman. She begins taking sewing lessons from a cute guy who calls himself the "Handmade no Ouji", or the "Handmade Prince!"...

Volume 1

Handmade no Oujisama Manga » Volume 1
  1. The Girl Who Isn't Cute And The Boy Who Is Cute
  2. A Cute Love In Progress?
  3. The Cute Person Is You
  4. Heart Beat Antenna
  5. Camera Girl
  6. This Brother Is A Good Friend

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