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Happy Rush Manga by Tomomi Nagae

Categories:Comedy, Josei, Romance
Info:1 Volumes, 5 Chapters, 211 Pages
Manga scans by:Evil Flowers
Series Brief Review
The energetic Natsumi is a newly employed at a Housemaking company. She works hard to get Section Chief Tohjoh's (who she fell in love with at first sight) approval, but she can't seem to get things right. Then one day, Natsumi gets a chance to prove herself to Tohjoh. Will she finally get Tohjoh's attention?

Volume 1

Happy Rush Manga » Volume 1
  1. Making Dreams Come True
  2. I Won't Lose!
  3. Financial Planner Is My Rival!?
  4. For That Person's Sake
  5. Start Line

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