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Alternative Title:Hidarite no Rabu Retaa, Hidarite no Raburetaa, Left Hand Love Letter, Left Handed Love Letter
Categories:Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Info:1 Volumes, 5 Chapters, 184 Pages
Manga scans by:Toothpaste Scanlations, Intercross
Series Brief Review
A Collection of Oneshots
Story 1. Hidarite no Love Letter
Nishino has been sitting next to the most popular guy in her class, Minami Taiga. Nishino loves Minami, for the main reason that Nishino has always been ignored or made-fun of by her classmates except for Minami. One day, Minami notices the messages that Nishino has been writing on her left hand, which kindles a new connection between them.
Story 2. Ferris Wheel at Sunset
Tomoko and Kuuto haven't talked to each other in years that being even that they're were best friends as children. Now that the amusement park they always visted is closing down Tomoko becomes desperate. It might be her last chance to talk to Kuuto, and the last time to remeber their memories together. What can she do to get back to the past that was so much fun?
Story 3. Natural Union
After Adou Saya misplaced her love letter to Aita-senpai she tries to tell the person that got the letter it was all a mistake. But after seeing Sabara Yoburo playing basket she becomes distracted and has no chance of telling him the mistake. She continues to try but as time goes on she becomes unsure of her own feelings, could it be that she is starting to love Sabara-san?!
Story 4. Such a Dangerous Distance
Akria has a big little brother-complex, this causes her to not see him as a 'man' but rather as the little brother. But when Touya reveals that they are not connected by blood what will Akira do? Is it possible for her to still see him as a brother or does she have to accept her own feelings that might go beyond the love for a brother?
Story 5. Nude Time

Volume 1

Hidarite no Love Letter Manga » Volume 1
  1. Story 1. Hidarite No Love Letter
  2. Story 2. Ferris Wheel At Sunset
  3. Story 3. Natural Union
  4. Story 4. Such A Dangerous Distance
  5. Story 5. Nude Time

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