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Hikoukigumo Manga by Rin Saito

Categories:Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Info:3 Volumes, 13 Chapters, 630 Pages
Manga scans by:Evil Flowers
Series Brief Review
University student Miyu always sacrifices time with her friends just so she could visit the house of her brother in law and his son. The brother in law tries to stop her from helping out around the house since their relationship should have ended after the death of his wife, but Miyu just would not give up. Why is she so adamant about hanging around them?

Volume 1

Hikoukigumo Manga » Volume 1
  1. Act.1
  2. Act.2
  3. Act.3
  4. Side Story 1. I Can't Even Sleep At Night

Volume 2

Hikoukigumo Manga » Volume 2
  1. Act.4
  2. Act.5
  3. Act.6
  4. Act.7
  5. Omake

Volume 3

Hikoukigumo Manga » Volume 3
  1. Act.8
  2. Act.9
  3. Side Story 2. Dreams Will Fly Overhead
  4. Side Story 3. Kisskiss Chuchu

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