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Hot Milk Manga by Kenji Nagatomo

Categories:Action, Comedy, Drama, School Life, Seinen
Info:2 Volumes, 21 Chapters, 444 Pages
Manga scans by:AnimeWaves
Series Brief Review
Saruno runs a bodyguard service company with his assistant, but they hardly have any jobs. One day, a fateful encounter with a girl called Meruo started a whole series of interesting adventures.

Volume 1

Hot Milk Manga » Volume 1
  1. Sprinter Venice
  2. Uncontrollable Angel
  3. It's Terrifyng
  4. Devilman Z
  5. Not Worth to be a Man
  6. Campus Heaven
  7. Suck, Suck, Then Spill It Out
  8. Sorry
  9. Special Short Volume

Volume 2

Hot Milk Manga » Volume 2
  1. Problem
  2. Sakura
  3. Let's Decide Who wins!
  4. Smile!
  5. Let's Go, Convenience Store!
  6. ...Just Like This!
  7. Long Time No See!
  8. Good Friend
  9. Present
  10. Return Present
  11. Final Chapter
  12. Special Short Volume

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