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Hyper Police Manga by Minoru Tachikawa

Categories:Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Shounen, Supernatural
Info:1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 102 Pages
Manga scans by:ShounenArt
Series Brief Review
In the year 22 H.C. (Holy Century) and Shinjuku is populated by monsters and goblins. Natsuki is a rookie at the Police Company and a new bounty hunter. She is also a half-human, half-catbeast with magical powers that are helping her slowly get the hang of the business.

Volume 1

Hyper Police Manga » Volume 1
  1. Report No.1: Bounty Hunter
  2. Report No.2: Chow Down
  3. Report No.3: Combination!?
  4. Report No.4: One Night, One Meal

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