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Itsumo Misora Manga by Mitsuru Adachi

Alternative Title:Always Beautiful Sky
Categories:Comedy, Shounen, Sports, Supernatural
Info:5 Volumes, 49 Chapters, 945 Pages
Manga scans by:Adachi's Universe, DRAT
Series Brief Review
A quirky but fun series, Itsumo Misora explores the lives of six kids and how they are brought together by fate and the appearance of unusual powers. It contains everything Adachi is synonymous with: humor, sports, tangled lives, strange situations, and love triangles...

Volume 1

Itsumo Misora Manga » Volume 1
  1. The Rental Club!?
  2. A God!?
  3. Has Anything Changed?
  4. My Father, The Hero
  5. So It wasn't A Dream
  6. The Registration
  7. The First Mission!?
  8. The Activites Begin!
  9. Regulating?

Volume 2

Itsumo Misora Manga » Volume 2
  1. I Don't Hear Anything
  2. Hoshino Dragon?
  3. Almost Like Before
  4. When All Seven of Us Get it...
  5. You Will Certainly Win!
  6. Ok!
  7. Come on, Don't Get Mad
  8. ...That's It
  9. What a Beautiful Birthday Gift
  10. They are Losing It!

Volume 3

Itsumo Misora Manga » Volume 3
  1. Their Pitchers' Gameplan is Quite Simple
  2. Have Any Sleeping Pills, Anyone?
  3. I'm Telling You We're Going To The Movies
  4. Old Pervert!
  5. So What About You ?
  6. You'll Understand Later
  7. Just The Two?
  8. What Did You See?
  9. I Surprise You?
  10. Ugyaa!

Volume 4

Itsumo Misora Manga » Volume 4
  1. High-And-Mighty
  2. After Her!
  3. That's A Cute Cat You Have There
  4. Until Just Now
  5. What The Heck?!
  6. Oh, Him...
  7. About This Much
  8. A Connection!
  9. Phew
  10. Exactly Because It's This Day And Age

Volume 5

Itsumo Misora Manga » Volume 5
  1. We're Going To Be Suspected
  2. We Can't Let Them Find Out
  3. Was I Noticed?
  4. It Will Never End, You Know?
  5. I'll Lend You My Power
  6. To The End Of The End
  7. Supernatural Power?
  8. Forward!
  9. That Rock
  10. I Mean, You Know...

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