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Kajika Manga by Akira Toriyama

Categories:Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen
Info:1 Volumes, 12 Chapters, 193 Pages
Manga scans by:ToriyamaWorld
Series Brief Review
Kajika's a trouble making little boy, part of the mysteriously empowered people of the ''Kawa'' clan. When one day he intentionally and cruelly kills a fox, the fox's spirit comes back and places a curse on the boy, turning him into a half-fox and severely limiting his abilities. The only way to break the curse is to save one thousand lives. And so Kajika sets out on a journey, accompanied by the fox's spirit. However, when he obtains the egg of the last remaining dragon on Earth, all hell breaks loose as he is forced to take on the forces of a merciless gangster who seeks the power that resides in a dragon's blood... While at the same time attempting to break the curse and finding out the rumours of what happened to his family of the Kawa clan.

Volume 1

Kajika Manga » Volume 1
  1. Cursed Kajika
  2. Gibachi's Ambition
  3. Kajika and Isaza
  4. The Third Man
  5. Isaza's Ability
  6. Donko's Plan
  7. Kajika's Shock
  8. Gibachi's Dragon Power
  9. Will it be Broken?!! The Curse
  10. Final Battle! Kajika vs. Gibachi
  11. Kajika's Hesitation
  12. Final Chapter: Kind Kajika

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