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Kanojo no Honnou Manga by Hina Sakurada

Alternative Title:Her Instinct
Categories:Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut
Info:1 Volumes, 5 Chapters, 200 Pages
Manga scans by:Eclipse Scans
Series Brief Review
Compilation of short stories:
1. Kanojo no Honnou
Following a break up, distraught Natsume bumps into Aiji-kun who is just on his way to deliver a love letter to a mystery girl and so in her rage and bitterness, Natsume lies to Aiji-kun, completely unprepared for his response.
2. Todoketai
Mana's mother is about to get remarried but who is this? Why does he know her name? It's the first time her heart has ever beat like this!
3. Mekakushi no Joousama
Yoriko is a bit of a coward and is always being bullied. When delinquent Maki stands up for her she falls for him in a moment, but he only says she's irritating and moves on. Wishing more than anything she could talk to him normally, how far will Yoriko go to draw his attention?
4. Multi-Vitamin
Ichimiya Ai is known as "The Devilish Girl" who frequently changes boyfriends. When kouhai Natsu confesses to her suddenly she agrees to go out, only to find him very different from her previous boyfriends. So why hasn't she broken up with him?
5. Lovex2 de Kishi

Volume 1

Kanojo no Honnou Manga » Volume 1
  1. Her Instinct
  2. Want To Reach You
  3. The Blindfolded Princess
  4. Multivitamin
  5. A Knight By Love Love

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