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Kiddy Grade Reverse Manga by gimik/Gonzo, Hiyohiyo

Categories:Adventure, Mecha, Science Fiction, Shounen
Info:1 Volumes, 6 Chapters, 169 Pages
Manga scans by:ADTRW
Series Brief Review
After suffering numerous interstellar wars, mankind has finally formed an interstellar union. However there are still many disputes and wars occurring amongst the members of the union itself. In order to resolve these problems, a secret organization, known as GOTT, is formed. They employ agents with special powers to fight for the organization. Agents Eclair and Lumiere are two girls with outstanding abilities, and they are assigned as partners. Together, they fight, and slowly uncover more and more about the secret of the organization that they work for.

Volume 1

Kiddy Grade Reverse Manga » Volume 1
  1. Episode 1: Planet Dulon
  2. Episode 2: Pet Dog Play
  3. Episode 3: Unidivided Relation
  4. Episode 4: Trick or Truth
  5. Episode 5: Genetech Figure
  6. Last Episode: Re:Birth Day

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