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Kuroi Ame ni Utarete Manga by Keiji Nakazawa

Alternative Title:Struck by Black Rain
Categories:Drama, Historical, Mature, Seinen, Slice of Life, Tragedy
Info:1 Volumes, 8 Chapters, 277 Pages
Manga scans by:Desert Bus
Series Brief Review
It's about young people in postwar Hiroshima getting involved in the black market for weapons. The main character is an A-bomb survivor whose hatred drives him to kill an American black marketeer. He asks the Americans, "Who are you to talk about justice when you massacred hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Hiroshima, in Nagasaki, in the firebombing of Tokyo? Was that what you call justice?"

Volume 1

Kuroi Ame ni Utarete Manga » Volume 1
  1. Struck by Black Rain
  2. The Black Thread
  3. In The Depths Of Black Silence
  4. The Scream Of The Black Fly
  5. Flowing In The Black River
  6. In A Flock Of Black Doves
  7. We, Forever
  8. The Scream Of The Black Soil

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