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Lian Ai Makeup! Manga by Fung Nga Chung

Categories:Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Manhua
Info:1 Volumes, 10 Chapters, 121 Pages
Manga scans by:Fate, SRoMU
Series Brief Review
Xiao Mei is a normal high school girl whose hobbies are reading and drawing manga. To encourage her because of her failed love confession, Xiao Zhu gave her a makeover. However, after the photography club's president took pictures of her and published them in the school magazine 'CLOVER', she becomes the 'MYSTERY BEAUTY' the whole school's looking for!

Volume 1

Lian Ai Makeup! Manga » Volume 1
  1. 1st Make Up!. It All Started With A Love Confession!
  2. 2nd Make Up!. The Mysterious Beauty?
  3. 3rd Make Up!. Otaku's Fury
  4. 4th Make Up!. A Different Smile
  5. 5th Make Up!. Romance Of A Girl
  6. 6th Make Up!. Memories
  7. 7th Make Up!. Remember To Remove The Makeup
  8. 8th Make Up!. Back To Her Old Self
  9. 9th Make Up!. Real Intentions
  10. Last Make Up!. Romance Makeup

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