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Lovesick Manga by Maria

Alternative Title:Diamond, Koukando Equals, Rabushikku, Worries of Love
Categories:Drama, Romance, Shoujo
Info:2 Volumes, 8 Chapters, 437 Pages
Manga scans by:ShoujoMagic
Series Brief Review
Yue lives alone with her 27 year-old step-father, Kouki. She's dating a boy her age...but she can't stop thinking about Kouki. Could it be more than the feelings of relatives?

Koukando Equals
"The injurur can get just a hurt as the injured."
Kouno has always thought that she was the only one who got hurt deeply when she was bullied. She just might be able to see from the bully's eyes.

"I am a diamond. I want to shine more"
Urara, a poor college student, has always been told she is ugly, but that's all about to change when she meets three unexpectedly diverse people, who work together to 'polish' a person into their full capability.

Volume 1

Lovesick Manga » Volume 1
  1. Lovesick - Lovesick
  2. Lovesick - In His Arm
  3. Lovesick - Silent Jealousy
  4. Koukando (Good Impression)

Volume 2

Lovesick Manga » Volume 2
  1. Lovesick: I Want
  2. Lovesick: Stay By My Side (Part 1)
  3. Lovesick: Stay By My Side (Part 2)
  4. Diamond

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