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Melody Drifting in the Rain Manga by Cang Yue, Lu Jing

Alternative Title:Playing the Flute, Sailing in the Night Rain
Categories:Action, Drama, Historical, Martial Arts, Romance, Shoujo, Manhua
Info:1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 128 Pages
Manga scans by:Odd Squad Scanlations
Series Brief Review
After the death of the Emperor, the country of Li is plunged into civil war. In order to save his brother's forces from imminent defeat, Xueya, 7th prince of the realm, enters into a marriage with the feisty pirate princess Jin Bi Hui. Will her reinforcements arrive in time to turn the tide? Will this political marriage survive? What would Bi Hui do if she found out Xueya's heart belonged to another?

Volume 1

Melody Drifting in the Rain Manga » Volume 1
  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Chapter 4

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