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Mielino Kashiwagi Manga by Yasushi Akimoto, Hideta Takahata, Noriko Ootani

Categories:Drama, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural
Info:2 Volumes, 22 Chapters, 445 Pages
Manga scans by:chichan54
Series Brief Review
Can't find a way to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend? These people will help do it for you.
Kashiwagi has a special ability. When she touches someone, she can see their future romance. But, Kashiwagi doesn't know about romance herself and can't determine whether the scenes she sees is a happy or sad ending. Kashiwagi works at a cafe, which Sano manages and Konno works as clerk. The cafe is known as the "break-up cafe".

Volume 1

Mielino Kashiwagi Manga » Volume 1
  1. Wifely Type
  2. Lukewarm Woman
  3. Chaplin
  4. Bakkii
  5. Arbitrary Woman
  6. A 1 Million Yen Love
  7. Solo Work
  8. 3-Shot
  9. Hand Cream
  10. Brocom

Volume 2

Mielino Kashiwagi Manga » Volume 2
  1. Kiss With Glasses
  2. Rehabilitation
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Friendly Tongue
  5. A Punch
  6. Many Loves
  7. Miporin
  8. Cucumber Roll
  9. A Brook
  10. Sa Shi Su So
  11. Sorry
  12. Love's Form

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