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Nemurenu Chou Manga by Sono Ayahara

Alternative Title:Kaze ni, Hana ni, Kimi ni, Monochrome World, Sleepless Butterfly
Categories:Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Sports, Supernatural
Info:1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 177 Pages
Manga scans by:Manga Abyss, Intercross
Series Brief Review
Nemurenu Chou (Sleepless Butterfly)
The Kinase village is being called "a village protected by god". Kaya and Rin were raised in a village that's surrounded by a deep forest. Although they are brother and sister they aren't related by blood. However, they get along well despite this. Although they are living together peacefully but there is a secret kept from everyone~!?

Includes three other stories:
The Wind, The Flower, You (Kaze ni Hana ni Kimi ni)
Erika meets Ryousuke, a boy from Tokyo that had a strong passion of swimming until he injured his shoulder, forcing him to abstain from swimming. Ryousuke, having loved the sea for a really long time, becomes really sad, and has lost all hope in finding another way to live. Erika wants to help him...
Monochrome World
Ever since a certain Christmas Day when she was little, Jun has seen the world as Black and White. Even after ten years, her eyes are still like that. She doesn't want to tell anyone about her secret because she's already been "betrayed" once by a friend. After that, they were separated. Little did she know of the suprises in store for her...

Volume 1

Nemurenu Chou Manga » Volume 1
  1. Sleepless Butterfly
  2. The Wind, The Flower, You
  3. Monochrome World
  4. Alice

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