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Odeko no Mahou Manga by Noriko Ootani

Categories:Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Info:1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 183 Pages
Manga scans by:Chibi Manga
Series Brief Review
Collection of short stories
1. Odeko no Mahou. One day during soccer practice, Eiko gets hit on the forehead by a ball kicked by Shigeru. The next day, a strange word appears at the very spot, and it changes to reflect her emotions. What happened to her forehead, and what is it supposed to mean?
2. Keishi no Uta
3. Moshi Moshi
4. Kumiko have for a long time had a one sided crush on her neighbor, Yoshirou, but he always rejects her when she asks him out. One day he promises that if it's not raining the next day, he'll go on a date with her! A pity that the weather forecast says it'll rain that day ... can a wish to a teruterubozu change that?

Volume 1

Odeko no Mahou Manga » Volume 1
  1. Odeko no Mahou
  2. Song Of the Beginning
  3. Moshi Moshi
  4. Chapter 4

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