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Onnanoko wa Koi o Suru to Mousou Shichaun desu Manga by Rin Ginnobashi, Asami Hanamoto, Miki Hattori, Kyoko Kumagai, Ai Minase, Saki Shiumi, Momo Souda

Categories:Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Info:1 Volumes, 7 Chapters, 277 Pages
Manga scans by:Chibi Manga
Series Brief Review
"With my beloved boyfriend I want to do that and this..." Every girl who's fallen in love before will nod because they're full of "No-Good Fantasies"! This should fill your maidens' hearts for sure!
1. Do you Really Love me? - Minase Ai
I love him but he's from a different world... that's how I thought but then I caught Itou-kun kissing my desk, is it that he likes me....
2. Invention Princess - Kumagai Kyoko
Shizuka - super genius inventor has continued to look at her first crush since she first approached him at age ten. Originally to capture him she created useless inventions in a crazed rampage of wild delusions.
3. Why the Boy Reads Shoujo Manga - Hattori Miki
The one Rinko likes is the kind, cool, honest shoujo manga hero Jun-kun (two dimensional). She's fast approaching a dream as she has feelings for Sekimoto Mako!?
4. Public Moral Committee Chairman's M Note - Souda Momo
I, the public moral committee chairman sneakily wrote erotic delusions on a secret note! That note was discovered, and on top of that he orders me to "Listen to what I say!" I can't stop my increasing delusions!
5. Misunderstanding Girl & Angry Prince - Shiumi Saki
It seems like Kouga-kun who often meets my eyes likes me and Keiko, brimming with confidence confessed to him. As a result she was misunderstood and turned down. Furthermore she transformed into Kouga's favourite...?
6. Onii-chan, please kiss me - Ginnobashi Rin
Iyo became siblings with childhood friend Shouichi-kun after their parents remariage. She'll definitely become a family with Shouichi! One way or another it was a mistake to train her little brother.
7. Kouryakuseyo! - Hanamoto Asami
She loves Shoujo games!!! And the she met a boy who is just like the Prince she longs for in the game!!! She'll definitely capture him!

Volume 1

Onnanoko wa Koi o Suru to Mousou Shichaun desu Manga » Volume 1
  1. Do You Really Love Me?
  2. Invention Princess
  3. Why the Boy Reads Shoujo Manga
  4. Public Moral Committee Chairman's M Note
  5. Kanchigai Musume To Buchigire Ouji
  6. Brother, Kiss Me
  7. Kouryaku Seyo Capture Me

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