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Prism Palette Manga by Peach-Pit

Categories:Comedy, Harem, School Life, Shounen
Info:1 Volumes, 10 Chapters, 197 Pages
Manga scans by:AT-Translations
Series Brief Review
Based on an ero-game, Prism Palette is Peach-Pit's (famous for DearS, Zombie Loan, Rozen Maiden and assorted other manga) first publication. It follows the main character, Masaki Shirai, as he spends his days at school, surrounded by beautiful girls.

Volume 1

Prism Palette Manga » Volume 1
  1. A Pure White Future
  2. A Madder Red Season
  3. Love Comes Out Of The Blue
  4. The Secretive Sumire-san
  5. Wish Upon the Stars
  6. Miracle Coffee
  7. The Perfect Trick
  8. A Wonderful Childhood Friend
  9. Passing Time
  10. Beyond The Blue Sky...

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