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Real PG Manga by Yuki Domoto

Alternative Title:RealPG
Categories:Action, Adventure, Ecchi, Fantasy, Mystery, Shounen
Info:3 Volumes, 16 Chapters, 547 Pages
Manga scans by:U-Prod Scanlations, Psylocke Scans, Renzokusei Scans
Series Brief Review
Motoba Hitachi has lived a boring high school life, until his kouhai invited him to a real-life simulation event of Incubate Castle, an online game they both played. But, what seemed like a harmless replication of the game turned out to be as real as it could get. Now, Hitachi must find allies to get out and survive this reality of a game.

Volume 1

Real PG Manga » Volume 1
  1. Cannot Replay The Real
  2. I'll Break The Contradictions
  3. A Strong-Willed Ally
  4. I'll Make A Righteous Miracle!

Volume 2

Real PG Manga » Volume 2
  1. No One Can Stop Senpai Anymore!
  2. Let This Body Receive The Pain Of The Real
  3. Please Only Look t Me
  4. Extra Stage
  5. I Have To Pull Myself Together
  6. Guardians Of The Borderline

Volume 3

Real PG Manga » Volume 3
  1. Life Is Precious! Don't Interfere With It!
  2. The Warriors Of Purgatory
  3. Young People Are Weak
  4. That Is The Naivety Of Kids
  5. Break Free Of This!
  6. Final Stage Please Become My Eternal Angel

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