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Ringo Manga by Minato Koio

Categories:Comedy, Shounen
Info:3 Volumes, 31 Chapters, 681 Pages
Manga scans by:AnimeWaves, Manga-Section
Series Brief Review
Seventeen year-old high-school student Tamao Ohtsuka loves to draw pictures of Ringo, his fantasy girl, in his sketchbook. But his life changes overnight after he successfully tests his secret VIII Project....

Tamao soon discovers that creating a walking, talking, virtual idol is a long and difficult process. But the staff of AIRS, including Mutu, new voice idol Chiaki Fujieda, and Tamao's childhood playmate, Akane Inuzuka, do their best to help Ringo make her digital debut!

Volume 1

Ringo Manga » Volume 1
  1. file.1 Evolve
  2. file.2 Termination
  3. file.3 Project Reinstalled
  4. file.4 Unknown Worker
  5. file.5 Motion Detector
  6. file.6 Desperate Situation
  7. file.7 Absolutely boring!
  8. file.8 The Voice of Ringo...?
  9. file.9 IVY
  10. file.10 IVY II
  11. file.11 JCGE '97

Volume 2

Ringo Manga » Volume 2
  1. file.12 Debut
  2. file.13 Rival for Love!?
  3. file.14 The Real Me
  4. file.15 Akane-chan I
  5. file.16 Beach
  6. file.17 Seaside School Opening Day
  7. file.18 Fireworks
  8. file.19 Forced to Cancel!?
  9. file.20 Rain......
  10. file.21 Seaside School Final Day
  11. file.22 Apple Magic

Volume 3

Ringo Manga » Volume 3
  1. file.23 Second Wave
  2. file.24 The Big Leagues
  3. file.25 Decision
  4. file.26 The New Journey
  5. file.27 Confession
  6. Side Story 1: Fire Fighting Angel
  7. Side Story 2: Relationship Through the Net (Internet A to Z) - First Half
  8. Side Story 3: Relationship Through the Net (Internet A to Z) - Second Half
  9. Side Story 4: Spring in Shinjuki Tokyo

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