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Ritou no Umi Manga by Takamichi

Alternative Title:Lost at Sea, Ritounoumi
Categories:Adventure, Comedy, Seinen, Slice of Life
Info:1 Volumes, 12 Chapters, 133 Pages
Manga scans by:The Rabbit Reich2012.10.25, 4dawgz
Series Brief Review
"So there's a magazine called Gelatin where various manga artists are given some coloring crayons and then told to draw whatever they want in full color. The plot for this is about a guy and a girl who go on a mission to retrieve a pair of shorts from an island... aaaaand that's it. All you'll find is a nice slice-of-life story and lovely colored pages."

Volume 1

Ritou no Umi Manga » Volume 1
  1. The Kijimuna of Hakama Island
  2. Kurage Island's Tamae Groceries
  3. Welcome to Namaco Diving Service!
  4. Namaco Diving Girls
  5. Big Sis Comes Home to Kurage Island!
  6. Photograph Collection - Namaco Diving Girls
  7. Yukie's Namako Travel Journal
  8. Yukie's Kurage Travel Journal
  9. Behind Ritou no Umi
  10. Character Sheet
  11. Range Murata's Ritou no Umi
  12. Afterword

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