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Sable Prince Manga by Chisato Nesumi

Categories:Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
Info:2 Volumes, 10 Chapters, 363 Pages
Manga scans by:Scarlet Carnival
Series Brief Review
The prince, His Majesty Viloftira, begins a journey, seeking the sword which will allow him to succeed the current king. The one who will accompany the Prince on his dangerous journey through this fairy tale land is Pierre, his new and unfortunate attendant.

Sable Prince is a travel fantasy story, intertwined with the relationship between a (lazy) tyrannical prince and his new mysterious attendant.

Volume 1

Sable Prince Manga » Volume 1
  1. Tale 01. The Winged Prince
  2. Tale 02. The Meat Dishes Shop
  3. Tale 03. The Prince and the Thief
  4. Tale 04. Sopranino
  5. Tale 05. Fairies' Clothing

Volume 2

Sable Prince Manga » Volume 2
  1. Tale 06. Black Stone
  2. Tale 07. The One Who Strikes The Sword
  3. Tale 08. The One Who Holds The Cross
  4. Tale 09. Sanguine Prince
  5. Tale 10. The Prince, His Follower And A Mirror

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