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Samurai Usagi Manga by Teppei Fukushima

Categories:Action, Comedy, Drama, Historical, Romance, Shounen
Info:8 Volumes, 76 Chapters, 1539 Pages
Manga scans by:Samurai Usagi Scanlation, AOM, MP, Raffian
Series Brief Review
The main character Udagawa Gosuke has received his father's dojo, mainly because his father and older brother were made to commit hara-kiri. He wasn't really supposed to get it simply because he's a second son. But due to the way his pops and brother died, he doesn't have a whole lot of self confidence, so he practices fencing day-by-day at a nearby dojo. However, because the people at that dojo are asses, he soon tries to invent a dojo and a style for people who just enjoy it.
However what really sets this aside from most shounen is that the main male and female characters are actually married. (At age 15 no less!)
The girl Utagawa Shino is the younger sister of his senpai, and is a bit...weird, to say the least. She makes rabbit masks to help bring in a bit of money, although to say that she's obsessed with rabbits would be an understatement. She claims it's because "the rabbits will someday reach the moon." When Gosuke invents his new dojo, he decides to make a style of swordsmanship known as "Rabbit Style Fencing."

Volume 1

Samurai Usagi Manga » Volume 1
  1. The Rabbit Leapt And Leapt Is The Rabbit
  2. 2 Rabbits Sounds Too Lame
  3. Gosuke, Cogitates The Way Of Bushi!
  4. Regional Delicacy Nanana
  5. Statue Of God And The drunken Miko
  6. The Real Regional Delicacy
  7. The Dirty Pillow

Volume 2

Samurai Usagi Manga » Volume 2
  1. What a Troublesome Guy You Are
  2. New Mask
  3. The Value Of 100 Ryu
  4. Husband, A Common Wound
  5. The Smile's Origin
  6. Ma-ro-
  7. Usagi Dojo's Collapse
  8. A Parent And Child, And Siblings
  9. For Mother's Sake
  10. Omake. Good Morning, Gocchin!

Volume 3

Samurai Usagi Manga » Volume 3
  1. Battle! Usagi VS Yamaneko
  2. The Shachihoko Of The Honma Family
  3. It Appears! The Yamaneko Secret Technique
  4. Look! The Dance Of The Shachihoko
  5. Love Is Mine!
  6. The Feelings Of An Ushachihoko
  7. The Girl Of Raw Rice
  8. The Rabbit Kid Has Arrived
  9. A Rice Broker Is Also Human
  10. Omake. Maro's Breakfast + Extras

Volume 4

Samurai Usagi Manga » Volume 4
  1. Daruma Rebellion
  2. Kiku And Kashirou
  3. The Rabbit" That Started Travelling"
  4. A Day Alone Together, Part One
  5. A Day Alone Together, Part Two
  6. A Day Alone Together, Part Three
  7. A Day Alone Together, Part Four
  8. A Day Alone Together, Part Five
  9. Goodbye, Settsu-san
  10. Extras

Volume 5

Samurai Usagi Manga » Volume 5
  1. The Training That Could Never Start
  2. Settsu Masayuki (Eight Years Ago)
  3. Let The Preliminary Round Of The Grand Match Begin!!
  4. A Smile In Times Of Loneliness
  5. Pitch Black! The Hakuba Dojo
  6. Friends And Acquaintances
  7. Onwards to The Second Round
  8. Ronin
  9. Correcting Mistakes
  10. Omake. Municipal Usagi Academy + Extras

Volume 6

Samurai Usagi Manga » Volume 6
  1. Honami's Reminiscence
  2. Swordsmith Of The Bamboo Thicket
  3. The Most Important Thing In The World
  4. Enlightenment
  5. The Second Round Begins
  6. Suzume vs Maro
  7. Maro Roars!!
  8. Parent And Child And Fish Sticks
  9. Pain
  10. Omake. The Tale Of Urashima Gotarou + Extras

Volume 7

Samurai Usagi Manga » Volume 7
  1. Shino And Nanana Pills
  2. Chiyokichi vs Uzura
  3. The Offense And Defense Of Nanana Castle
  4. The Thing That Was Grasped
  5. The Bag's Contents
  6. Those Who Were Once Samurai
  7. The Person Called Asuka
  8. The Generals' Duel
  9. A Great Sword
  10. Extras

Volume 8

Samurai Usagi Manga » Volume 8
  1. The Leaping Rabbit
  2. The Conclusion
  3. A Sudden Visitor
  4. Shino And Mother
  5. Rabbit In The Garden
  6. Samurai Usagi
  7. Character Popularity Poll Results
  8. The Moon Is Shining
  9. Extras. What Became Of The Rabbits Afterwards

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