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Sen no Kiss ni Nurete Manga by Anthology, Mitsuru Fujii, Natsuko Hamaguchi, Rie Kanenari, Kaiko Ootake, Kei Sugiura, Aoi Suguri

Alternative Title:Shower Me in a Thousand Kisses, Wet With Thousand Kisses
Categories:Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut
Info:1 Volumes, 6 Chapters, 274 Pages
Manga scans by:ShoujoMagic
Series Brief Review
An anthology of 6 stories.
Story 1. With Those Fingers, Those Lips by HAMAGUCHI Natsuko
Riri is a "good girl" and model student so when she gets slapped by Shiyuugou's girlfriend for going to a hotel with him, she's quite surprised. As their chance meetings evolve into more of a relationship than they could have ever dreamed of, Riri finds herself falling for a man with secrets that could destroy them.
Story 2. Shakuren/Miraculous Love by FUJII Mitsuru-
Library helper Aya Sasaki sees 3rd year Nakahara Keni making out with a girl in the library and is utterly scandalized! But he sees her too, and now that she's caught the eye of the dangerous playboy there may be no escape...
Story 3. Toge Made Itoshii (Dear Until The Thorns) by KANENARI Rie
Waiting for her longtime boyfriend Kouni to show up, Suzuki Kitomi is shocked when a complete stranger tells her Kouni is cheating on her. When he's proved right and Kitomi is dumped she spirals into depression. Ooga inserts himself into her life, and she finds herself relying on his presence. But is it only guilt that the younger man feels, or something more?
Story 4. That's What Makes You A Liar by SUGIURA Kei
Chiharu is always coaxed by Tajima, even though she knows what a liar he is. When she becomes suspicious of his relationship with her friend and sees them kissing, she breaks it off angrily. But who is the weird guy that tells her about the affair, and why does he keep showing up?
Story 5. Make Love to Me with That Voice by SUGURI Aoi
Erika suffers from unrequited love, so when she meets a man who sounds just like her beloved she gives into temptation and sleeps with him once. However Touya's not one to give up on someone so interesting, tracking her down and convincing her to fool around becomes his goal. But will he lose his heart to someone who can't love him back?
Story 6. Love Idiot by OOTAKE Kaiko
Sumire Sakura has no need for a boyfriend and all the drama of a relationship. But she can't stop staring at the beautiful boy she rides the train with every morning, though when he asks her out she turns him down flat. But he's persistent, and struck by his beauty she agrees. Soon she's drowning in the love she disdained, but the hotter the flame, the faster it burns out...

Volume 1

Sen no Kiss ni Nurete Manga » Volume 1
  1. With Those Fingers, Those Lips
  2. Miraculous Love
  3. Dear Until The Thorns
  4. That's What Makes You A Liar
  5. Make Love To Me With That Voice
  6. Love Idiot

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