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Shounenshoujo Ryouryuuki Manga by Usamaru Furuya, Otsuichi

Alternative Title:Chronicle of the Clueless Age, Shounen Shoujo Hyouryuuki
Categories:Drama, Psychological, Seinen, Slice of Life
Info:1 Volumes, 12 Chapters, 281 Pages
Manga scans by:Hox
Series Brief Review
A collection of standalone stories written by both Furuya Usamaru and Otsuichi. The stories all revolve around the common troubles that teenagers go through, whether it be falling out with a friend, being bullied, or dieting.

Volume 1

Shounenshoujo Ryouryuuki Manga » Volume 1
  1. Chronicles Of The Sunken
  2. The World Of Ants
  3. Magical Girl Saki (Part 1)
  4. Magical Girl Saki (Part 2)
  5. The Core Of The School
  6. The Sweets Empire (Part 1)
  7. The Empire Of The Sweets (Part 2)
  8. Monster Engine
  9. If I Meet Lord Taito
  10. Raising A Tornado (Part 1)
  11. Raising A Tornado (Part 1)
  12. Homeroom

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