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Taiyou no Ichiwaru Manga by Fuyumi Souryo

Alternative Title:Strange Gene
Categories:Drama, Josei, Psychological
Info:1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 224 Pages
Manga scans by:StormInHeaven
Series Brief Review
A collection of four short stories. The Rainbow Fish is a story about a painter and her problems dealing with a culture that doesn't leave much room for artistic inspiration. Damned Sun is about a cynical girl who isn't very enthusiastic about most things teenagers like. Then she meets an interesting man... but it only lasts one day, since what shakes Maki from her apathy can't last long. Strange Trait asks the question, are human beings are like groceries? Do they really have a certain durability? A Strange Gene is about Ayano Yoshimusa, a model of efficiency, and Saegusa, her colleague, who's her opposite. When a sixteen years old appears and tells him she lives with Ayano, Saegusa realizes that something might be hidden under the perfect appearance of this beautiful woman?

Volume 1

Taiyou no Ichiwaru Manga » Volume 1
  1. The Rainbow Fish
  2. Damned Sun
  3. Strange Trait
  4. A Strange Gene

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