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Toscana no Yuuutsu Manga by Diana Hamilton, Ryou Takase

Alternative Title:The Italian's Price, Tosukaana no Yuuutsu, Tosukana no Yuuutsu, Tuscan Melancholy, Tuscana no Yuuutsu
Categories:Josei, Romance
Info:1 Volumes, 3 Chapters, 137 Pages
Manga scans by:Transient Mirage
Series Brief Review
She's really a mouse...but he thinks she's a tiger!
Cesare Saracino is bent on revenge! He doesn't realize that the woman he forces back to Italy is not the thief, but her identical twin, Milly Lee.
With Cesare watching her every move, the usually mousy Milly struggles to masquerade as her sexy twin. And when desire unexpectedly flares between them, Milly is powerless to refuse Cesare's advances. Will the truth come out in the heat of passion?

Volume 1

Toscana no Yuuutsu Manga » Volume 1
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  3. Chapter 3

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