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Ultra Red Manga by Nakaba Suzuki

Categories:Action, Martial Arts, Shounen, Sports
Info:4 Volumes, 34 Chapters, 806 Pages
Manga scans by:Manga-Heaven, MangaCity
Series Brief Review
How strong are you? In this manga, the hero is an idiotic little boy who has a frightening style of fighting. But he isn't the only fighting monster. Sumeragi Sen will discover people that are stronger than him, and maybe even the limits of his strength.

Volume 1

Ultra Red Manga » Volume 1
  1. Act 1. In The Moment Of The Fist!! ~Meeting Sumeragi Sen~
  2. Act 2. The Discourse Of A 3rd Generation Family?! ~Mark Two Freeloaders~
  3. Act 3. The Groaning Great Arm! ~Dragon Flame's 2nd Military Officer, Norio Watanabe~
  4. Act 4. The War Situation's Drastic Change?! ~The Viewpoint Of An Enemy Intruder?~
  5. Act 5. Frontal Thrust!! ~Dragon Flame's Defeat?!~
  6. Act 6. The Adrenaline Is Pumping Up! ~The Duel Of Impact!!~
  7. Act 7. The Foreboding Of A Storm! ~The Sudden Movement Of A Soldier!~

Volume 2

Ultra Red Manga » Volume 2
  1. Act 8. Day Of The Match! ~The Warm-Up Before The Opening Ceremony.~
  2. Act 9. Sudden Death! All depends On Fate ~Battle Royale! The Combination Of Fate~
  3. Act 10. Who Can Win? Official Competition List Of Contestants Out ~Who will win? The Official Tournament Bracets Determined!~
  4. Act 11. End Of Battle! Destruction Power Vs Extreme Tactics ~The Battle Draws Near!! Destruction Power And Essential Techniques~
  5. Act 12. Rising Fighting Will!! Moments To Win Or Lose ~Rising Voltage!! That Time Has Come~
  6. Act 13. Anger ~Rush Of Anger!! Surging Energy Of Rage!!~
  7. Act 14. Howling Dog!! Sen's In A Pinch!
  8. Act 15. Victory!! Crazy Punch Pierce Through The Diamond
  9. Act 16. The Elder Katagiri Crushed!! The Spectators Are Amazed

Volume 3

Ultra Red Manga » Volume 3
  1. Act 17. Fierce Battle!! An Unpredictable Amount Of Strength
  2. Act 18. Eight Man Left!! Exciting/Fierce Match
  3. Act 19. Cold Blooded Hunter!! Cries From The Sacrificed
  4. Act 20. Father And Son Hatred!! Mystery Of The Sumeragi Family
  5. Act 21. Black Horse Yamada Gorou!! Sen Fooled
  6. Act 22. His Fists See All?! Defeat The Poisonous Fangs And Needles!!
  7. Act 23. Intense Fight Of Survival Techniques!
  8. Act 24. Ike/Gambatte!! The True Meaning Of Fighting
  9. Act 25. Hot Blooded Spirit Of The Man/Guys!! Dragon Flame's General vs Vice General
  10. Act 26. Flawless Fighting Spirit!! A True Man Uses His Fists To Convey The Message

Volume 4

Ultra Red Manga » Volume 4
  1. Act 27. The Time Is Here!! ~Red Hot Eyes And A Cold Smile~
  2. Act 28. The Battle After 8 Years!! ~The Reason Behind The Mystery~
  3. Act 29. Warm-up!! Random Punches
  4. Act 30. Equal Strength!! Tandenhou vs Bushinhou
  5. Act 31. Reliving The Past!! Dark Feeling
  6. Act 32. Angry Punches!! ~This Is The Distance Between You And Me~
  7. Act 33. Ignition Of Haikaikenougi!! Battle Royal
  8. Final Act. Ultra Red!! ~The Fiery Fire Will Never Die Off~

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