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Watashitachi no Tamura-kun Manga by Yuyuko Takemiya, Sachi Kurafuji

Alternative Title:Our Dear Tamura-kun
Categories:Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shounen
Info:4 Volumes, 25 Chapters, 798 Pages
Manga scans by:SCX-Scans
Series Brief Review
This is the story of the pain and heartbreak and exploration of love, of an ordinary boy and two cute (but bizarre) girls, as the seasons rush by like comets. Featuring:
- Komaki Matsuzawa, a mysterious girl who obsessively and repetitively scrawls "return to her home star" on her choice-of-career form

- Hiroka Soma, simultaneously acknowledged as the most beautiful girl in the school, and to be as cold as the Arctic "tundra" - the classic Ice Queen - at least on the surface.

- Yukisada Tamura, a boy whose life is completely disrupted by his efforts to understand and get along with these two girls.

Volume 1

Watashitachi no Tamura-kun Manga » Volume 1
  1. Day 01. Moon Child Ice Queen
  2. Day 02. The Face Of A Lonely Person
  3. Day 03. Good Bye My Pain
  4. Day 04. The Road To The Moon
  5. Day 05. For Who?
  6. Extra Day 01. The Family Plan Of Takaura (Part 1)

Volume 2

Watashitachi no Tamura-kun Manga » Volume 2
  1. Day 06. Praying To The Moon
  2. Day 07. Funeral's Evening, Fireworks' Night
  3. Day 08. The Queen's Summer
  4. Day 09. The Speed Of Escape
  5. Day 10. The Place We Can't Return To
  6. Day 11. Windstorms Of Spring
  7. Extra Day 02. Takaura's Family Plan (Part 2)

Volume 3

Watashitachi no Tamura-kun Manga » Volume 3
  1. Day 12. Sweet Expression
  2. Day 13. Where Do The Stars Shine?
  3. Day 14. Still and All
  4. Day 15. Her World
  5. Day 16. All Alone
  6. Day 17. No Matter Where, No Matter When
  7. Something Extra. Manga Character Database

Volume 4

Watashitachi no Tamura-kun Manga » Volume 4
  1. Day 18. The Moon Seen In A Dream
  2. Day 19. Goodbye, Satellite
  3. Final Day. Our Dear Tamura-kun
  4. Extra Day 03. Secret Melancholy
  5. Extra Day 04. Takaura-san's Family Project 2

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