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Yume-Iro Fanta Manga by Yoko Maya

Alternative Title:Dream-Colored Fanta, Fanta
Categories:Fantasy, Shoujo
Info:3 Volumes, 40 Chapters, 547 Pages
Manga scans by:RandomManga
Series Brief Review
Milk, the heroine, finds a magical puppy named Fanta. With Fanta's help, she pursues her crush, Ale, through various adventures and problems.
(Read from right to left.)

Volume 1

Yume-Iro Fanta Manga » Volume 1
  1. A Wonder-fulled Picnic
  2. Don't Throw Away Fanta!!
  3. Milk-chan's A Newspaper Reported!?
  4. Master Of Making Friends * Fanta!
  5. Everybody Is Friends
  6. Protect The Beach Eggs!!
  7. First Date!?
  8. To Be Cinderella
  9. Christmas Eve Kiss!!
  10. Legend Of The White Horse Who Soared The Heavens
  11. Home-Made Cream Soup
  12. Ale-kun's Moving Away!!
  13. Fairy Of The Violet Flower

Volume 2

Yume-Iro Fanta Manga » Volume 2
  1. Little Mermaid Milk
  2. I Love Festivals
  3. Ale-kun's Secret!?
  4. The Stressful "Autumn Concert"
  5. Christmas Kiss At Ael Land
  6. It's As It You Were Cinderella!!
  7. Legend Of The Angel Who Saves The Castle
  8. A Vow Of Eternal Love
  9. A Wonderful Meeting In Spring
  10. I Want To Be A Teacher!!
  11. Riding On A Refreshing Wind
  12. Mint's Fox Wedding
  13. Mint Is Mint!!
  14. Mermaid Of The Southern Isle

Volume 3

Yume-Iro Fanta Manga » Volume 3
  1. Fanta All Alone
  2. Why? Ale-kun
  3. Someday...
  4. Do Your Best, Apprentice Manager
  5. I Am A Goddess
  6. Goodbye, Ale-kun
  7. Sapphire Wish
  8. Peter, Boy Of The Alps
  9. The Blue-eyed Prince
  10. The Aurora Reunion
  11. Karin-san's Identity
  12. Propose With A Tiara
  13. Epilogue

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